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Novatek International Contribute to PDA Publication on Environmental Monitoring

Novatek International announce that Ms. Susan Cleary, Associate Director of R&D and Mr. Parsa Famili, President and CEO at Novatek International have made contributions to the recent PDA publication entitled Environmental Monitoring, Volume 6, edited by Jeanne Moldenhauer (Chapter 16 “Automation of Environmental Monitoring; Achieving Efficiency and Control”).

This series is an edited volume with contributions from world experts. It provides readers with unique contributions related to current research and the future of Environmental Monitoring. This book will be a useful reference for practitioners and researchers who are interested in microbiology, research and development, quality and environmental monitoring.

Ms. Cleary and Mr. Famili have previously published a number of chapters and articles, notably Environmental Monitoring, Volume 2, also edited by Jeanne Moldenhauer (Chapter 25 “Acquisition and Implementation of an Environmental Monitoring Program”).


Tags: Environmental Monitoring, Yeasts & Moulds

Date Published: September 24, 2012

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