IUL Releases New Gravimetric Diluter

IUL Smart Dilutor W. Featuring:
- Enhanced software interactivity that allows for an increase in performance

- Total automation of gravimetric dilutions and liquid dispensing

- A great weight range encompass of 2400 g with a sample weight precision of 0.01g, enabling the device to process both heavy and light samples.

- 5 degrees of instability tolerance that make the instrument capable of operating on unstable surfaces such as those of laminar flow cabinets.

- Ethernet connectivity allows for connection to a LIMS.

- Dilution records can be printed providing full traceability: Operator ID, Sample ID, Sample Weight, Total Weight, Diluent ID

- Dilution factors that correspond to any rational number may be introduced

- Fully upscalable with one and two pump units and 2 and 4 pump accessories: use up to 6 pumps!

Tags: Automation

Date Published: June 5, 2012

Source article link: IUL S.A. » company contact details

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