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May 2018

10th International Symposium on VTEC 2018 - Florence, Italy

DATE: May 6 - 9
LOCATION: In person Florence, Italy
SECTOR: Clinical, Food, Veterinary
TYPE: Conference, Exhibition

Summary: This triennial event represents the main opportunity for the VTEC community to share the latest research in this field and to gather together scientists of all areas of investigation in a one-health perspective. How can science and evidence help the authorities and food industry tackle the challenge of STEC. Visit:      more...

June 2018

Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes Course 2018 - Cardiff, UK

DATE: June 14 - 15
LOCATION: In person Cardiff, United Kingdom
SECTOR: Clinical, Veterinary
TYPE: Training

Summary: Understanding and awareness of anaerobic bacteria in clinical material, insight into their relevance in clinical microbiology, enable a basic level of competence in methods used for their isolation and identification and improve the standards of anaerobic microbiology in clinical laboratories.    more...

World Congress on Applied Microbiology - Rome, Italy

DATE: June 25 - 26
LOCATION: In person Rome, Italy
SECTOR: Clinical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary
TYPE: Conference, Exhibition

Summary: Applied Microbiology Conference aims to raise awareness about the critical importance of microbiology throughout life, and its role in preventing the infectious diseases that are spread worldwide.    more...

October 2018

The Microbiology Show 2018 - Derby, UK

DATE: October 30
LOCATION: In person Derby, United Kingdom
SECTOR: Clinical, Food, Other, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary
TYPE: Exhibition

Summary: The Microbiology Show brings together the technology, equipment, consultancy and services associated with the field of microbiology together in one trade event. From microbiology testing services to products that inhibit the risk of bacterial contamination to laboratory equipment used in in-house microbiology departments, the event covers all...      more...

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