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March 2018

Cleanrooms: Principles in Practice® - Barnard Castle, UK

DATE: March 20 - 22
LOCATION: In person Barnard Castle, United Kingdom
SECTOR: Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Water, Veterinary
TYPE: Training

Summary: Successful cleanroom design and management cannot solely be based on HVAC, but is part of a holistic approach that covers cleanroom design, operations, HVAC and monitoring processes. This course delivers a comprehensive overview of the regulatory and design requirements of the cleanroom facility.    more...

June 2018

Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes Course 2018 - Cardiff, UK

DATE: June 14 - 15
LOCATION: In person Cardiff, United Kingdom
SECTOR: Clinical, Veterinary
TYPE: Training

Summary: Understanding and awareness of anaerobic bacteria in clinical material, insight into their relevance in clinical microbiology, enable a basic level of competence in methods used for their isolation and identification and improve the standards of anaerobic microbiology in clinical laboratories.    more...

World Congress on Applied Microbiology - Rome, Italy

DATE: June 25 - 26
LOCATION: In person Rome, Italy
SECTOR: Clinical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary
TYPE: Conference, Exhibition

Summary: Applied Microbiology Conference aims to raise awareness about the critical importance of microbiology throughout life, and its role in preventing the infectious diseases that are spread worldwide.    more...

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