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Workshop on Virus Detection in Food and Water - Potsdam, Germany

2018, March 15

Food, Water » Workshop

The standard method for virus detection in food and water samples is PCR according to ISO 15216:2017. This workshop will discuss new rapid methods for virus detection in food and water samples. You will learn more about using real-time PCR to detect foodborne viruses and our experts give you tips to improve your work. Further we will review the key points of ISO 15216:2017 (such as matrix-specific protocols, use of a process control for each sample, and calculation of the recovery rate) and we will discuss about the pitfalls in application of virus concentration protocols for berries, vegetable, bilvalve molluscs and water matrices.

Topics of the Workshop:

  • Theory of viruses in food and water
  • Practical lab work, virus isolation and concentration
  • Virus detection according to ISO 15216:2017
  • Troubleshooting discussion

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