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Microbiological Audits: A Practical Approach - Dublin

2018, January 16

Pharmaceutical » Training

How are auditors approaching the auditing process now compared to previous years? What are the latest regulatory hot topics being scrutinised by your internal auditing department as well as the regulators?

- This one day meeting covers both lecture led sessions and hands-on case scenarios which capture attendee’s current needs and requirements when going through a micro audit.

- Glean vital practical information on how to comfortably answer those tricky open-ended questions and see how the workshop leaders and fellow attendees deal with audit scenarios through interactive group discussions.

A truly hands-on meeting that will leave you armed with useful tips and practical approaches on how to effectively handle your next audit!

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Pharmig (Pharmaceutical Microbiology Interest Group)
Phone: +[44] 1920 871 999
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