Clever Way to Automate Plate REading

October 2009 archived news list

Fda issues eua for simplexa influenza a h1n1
Legionella monitoring make sure everything is under control
A new sensitive test for the detection of ovine and caprine prpsc tesee sheep goat assay
Weighing stone and pc screen options for esco biological cabinets
Mas 100 cg ex air sampler for contamination in compressed gases
Automated etest reading for vancomycin
Peni cylinder dispenser for antibiotic potency assays
Antibiotic potency zone reading with trinity v3
Aps one good things come in small packages
Aoac ri validation for idaho e coli o157 h7 test
Fda clearance for pathogen id in 90 mins direct from positive blood cultures
New hand hygiene guide from campden bri
Another new mini centrifuge with biocote protection from stuart
New asm algorithm for flu a recommends nasopharyngeal flocked swabs
Gibson laboratories achieves ce mark conformity for tri valent swab
Finnpipette f3 series delivers high standard of accuracy and precision
Rapidchek e coli o157 validated for raw beef products
New brochure makes choosing protocol 2 quick and simple
New protocol 2 speeds up quality testing of swine flu vaccines
New automated zone analysis speeds up antibiotic quality testing
New stuart mini centrifuge for microfuge tubes
Analytik jena launches h1n1 rapid test
Results of international study of qpcr for monitoring legionella
Sigma virocult swab range plays vital role in h1n1 monitoring
Brilliance campycount agar launched at iafp europe
Oxoid improves h pylori tests
Charm sciences atp swab tests uses recyclable components
Sponge and swab hygiene monitoring kits with neutralising buffer
Challenge your disinfection procedures with lab ms neutralising media
Lab m medium selects verocytotoxin producing e coli o26

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