Clever Way to Automate Plate REading

January 2008 archived news list

Launch of new lyme test products for the european market
Bio rads iq check trade legionella test receives 1st afnor validation in water pcr analysis
Three new chromogenic media from conda
Neissers solutions ready to use staining solution for corynebacterium diphtheriae
Controlling hypoxic conditions in cancer research
New copro system plus
Contact plates rodac in peelable blister pack
New version of genoquick reg mrsa
Scigene introduces ozone protection system for genepix scanners
Over 750 fully searchablemicrobiology products on new free cd
Approval of first fully automated blood screening test for htlv i htlv ii
Plague and tularemia detection kits receive fda clearance
First field diagnostic test for tomato apex necrosis virus
Prodesses multiplex rt pcr proflu assay receives fda clearance
Artel demos new advanced capabilities for liquid handler quality assurance
Nutrient pad sets amp ge nitrocellulose gridded membranes for microbiological qc
The worlds first tips packaged in environmentally friendly biodegradable racks
Maximise productivity using 384 well plates with the worlds first 64 channel pipette
New liquid handler ideal for lower volume and injection applications
Two companies partner to develop bio threat detection systems
The revolution in microbiological sample preparation continues
Improved rapid legionella test
Test method guide modified atmosphere systems for the growth of fastidious microorganisms
Real time test for detecting microbial contamination in biopharmaceutical applications
Fda clearance for respiratory viral panel that simultaneously detects 12 viruses
Thermal and gradient thermal cyclers for maximum flexibility
Bax reg system real time pcr assay for s aureus certified by aoac ri
Advanced microbiology automation with microscan walkaway plus systems
Major veterinary centre installs 16 protocol automated inhibition zone sizing systems
Taking care of your frozen assets
New oxoid ideia viral gastroenteritis panel detects norovirus in 2 hours
Intelligent software developed for microplate washers and dispensers
Prolex staph xtra rapid id of s aureus including mrsa using cmmp
Blebplus a key product in lab ms listeria enrichment and isolation range

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