Clever Way to Automate Plate REading

September 2007 archived news list

Media for new harmonized microbiology microbial limits test
Automated antibiotic susceptibility testing from don whitley scientific
Accupas the worlds first automated streaking system
R a p i d lt food security system provides high speed results at a lower cost
Advandx launches the first lna based tests for vrsa and vre
Profos introduces endograde ovalbumin
Multilocation centre for air monitoring in clean rooms
New high quality cost effective nucleic acid mini prep kits from anachem
Mast launches new eiken loopamp norovirus kit
New petrisphere generates an anaerobic atmosphere in less than 3 minutes
Test method guide microbiological analysis using chromogenic and fluorogenic media
Millipore announces completion of phase 1 modernization at kankakee facility
48 hour yeast and mold test produces significant inventory cost savings
Neogen s new 24 hour listeria protocol receives aoac approval
Guidelines for estimating uncertainty for microbiological counting methods
Elga labwater engineers the next generation of ultra pure water systems
Thermos web enabled lims gives maximum flexibility
New thermo amp quot reading room amp quot website for microplate users
Thermo scientific 1300 series a2 cabinet combines exceptional safety and ergonomics
Microencapsulation specialist q chip closes 2million funding
Don t fade away durable scientific labelling
Premi test salmonella better and faster serotyping traces contamination to source
Multiplex test detects 18 respiratory pathogens in a single tube
Astell scientific gets eclipsed
Surgical sterility at veterinary hospitals is assured by astell equipment
Oxoid extends range for identification of medically important yeasts
Fda approval for roche west nile virus blood screening test
Rosa approved for wide range of commodities
New optima max xp benchtop ultracentrifuge designed for use in biosafety hood
Lab m launches iso nutrient agar

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