Company Overview

NCIMB manages the UK’s biggest reference collection of environmental and industrially valuable bacteria, provides a range of accredited microbiology services, and participates in research projects in partnership with other organisations.

Company Information

Originally established in the 1950s to manage the UK’s National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria, NCIMB has been providing commercial microbiological services since 1983. This company heritage gives us unequalled experience in understanding, managing and exploiting bacteria for our customers' benefit.

Our products and services are used by companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, drink, personal care and environmental management sectors, as well as by universities and research institutes.  We are regularly audited by our blue chip clients, ensuring we meet their high standards.

Products & Services

  • Authenticated reference strains: there are more than 8,500 strains of bacteria, plasmids and bacteriophages in our catalogue, most of which are available for immediate dispatch.
  • QC strains are available in a choice of easy-to-use formats.
  • Rapid cGMP genotypic identification of bacterial and fungal isolates.
  • ISO 9001:2008 accredited and cGMP compliant biomaterial preservation and storage solutions.  Whether you are looking for secure storage of industrially valuable strains, a back-up for research material, or are simply short of freezer space, we can tailor a package that suits your needs.
  • Patent deposit - NCIMB is a recognised International Depository Authority under the Budapest Treaty.
  • Contract freeze drying
  • Environmental consultancy & testing services
  • MARA (Microbial Assay for Risk Assessment) and LumiMARA – our toxicity testing kits for aquatic and terrestrial environments provide a rapid and cost effective solution.

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