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INTERSCIENCE is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance equipment and consumables for microbiology especially designed for quality control.

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For more than 30 years, INTERSCIENCE (France) has been a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of solutions for quick and safe microbiological analyses, a field of increasing importance for microbiologists and quality control experts in food, agro-food, pharmaceutical, veterinary, medical, clinical, environmental and chemical analyses. INTERSCIENCE provides full equipment for a safe analysis : from solid sample preparation to its final bacterial enumeration and results analysis: lab homogenizers, sterile filter bags, gravimetric dilutors, automatic platers, automatic colony counters and various lab tools.

INTERSCIENCE products are used for collecting and testing any solid sample and get bacterial results with CFU images, bacterial results and sample data available as Excel file, printed pdf report, recountable Scan files. In the field of food microbiology, our products are widely used for testing spoilage organisms, hygiene indicators, foodborne pathogens, detecion of Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus cereus toxins.

INTERSCIENCE has a full range of products and unique solutions to avoid risks of cross contamination during the preparation of the sample, avoid repetitive and long preparation and ensure traceability and saving of all data.

INTERSCIENCE has its international headquarters in France and has direct sales capacities worlwide and sales offices in USA (Boston, MA) and China (Shanghai). The rest of the world is covered by an excellent distributor network trained for sales and support. We are proud to offer our clients with the best products and a life-time product care.


  • High-quality products since 1979
  • R&D leadership for innovation
  • Made in FRANCE
  • Worldwide immediate delivery
  • Life-time product care


  • BagSystem© more than 20 references of sterile blender bags, with/without filter
  • Gravimat© gravimetric dilutors
  • BagMixer© 100 ml, 400 ml and 3500 ml lab homogenizers
  • BagTools© lab tools (pipettes, closing clips, bag opener, storage racks...)
  • FlexiPump© dispensing pumps


  • EasySpiral© automatic bacterial platers
  • Scan© automatic colony counters / manual colony counter


  • Clinet© disinfection range
  • Anabac© autoclave deodorant

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30, chemin Bois des Arpents

78860 Saint Nom


Tel: +33 (0)1 34 62 62 61


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