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FoodChek Systems Inc.

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Develops and provides proprietary rapid, accurate and cost-effective food safety testing products for contaminant detection of E. coli O157, Listeria and Salmonella

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FoodChek Systems Inc. is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and strives to be the leading global developer and provider of proprietary rapid, accurate and cost-effective food safety testing products. Our foodborne pathogen detection solutions protect your brand, your customers and their families.

FoodChek supplies its patented Actero™ Enrichment Media products for the detection of E. coli O157, Listeria spp., Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp. on surfaces and food matrices throughout the human food production chain. Actero™ Enrichment Media also detects Salmonella in pet food and treats. Both Actero™ Listeria and Salmonella medias have AOAC CERTIFICATION for environmental and food matrices.

The advantages of Actero™ Enrichment Media are:

  • Speed: fastest “Time-to-Results”
  • Accurate: reliable results
  • Cost-effective: minimize media use
  • Specificity: specific for the target organism
  • Control: operational efficiencies

Actero™ Enrichment Media provides the ability of the food producer or processor to release food products for distribution in less than 24 hours, without compromising accuracy. This maximizes production and work flow in the plant or facility. In addition, Actero™ Enrichment Media enables the third party laboratories to provide their customers with accurate and fastest “Time-to-Results” resulting in increased through put.

With a single step recovery and enrichment phase, Actero™ Enrichment Media reduces cost per test in consumables and labour. Further reduction in the cost of consumables is achieved as less Actero™ Enrichment Media per volume is used compared to standard enrichment media.

Actero™ Enrichment Media can be used with any downstream diagnostic system, resulting in a broader choice of technology and pricing. Various configurations are available of Actero™ Enrichment Media - dehydrated, ready to use liquid, ready to rehydrate in pouches or bespoke volumes; choose the format that fits your pathogen detection workflow.

FoodChek also supplies its Universal Media products that provides a wide range of “one supplier” testing products, are cost effective, and a quick turnaround from order to delivery.

For the small to medium food producer and processor desiring in-house pathogen testing, FoodChek supplies its MICT® System. FoodChek’s MICT® Reader uses magnetic nanotechnology with a compact, diagnostic reading device that reports test results from disposable assay cassettes preloaded with Actero™ enriched food samples.

This desktop-based, user-friendly MICT® Reader allows for automated tracking, recording and printing of quantitative test results without the need for a sophisticated technician or commercial lab. You can verify the FoodChek™ MICT Reader's accuracy and performance with the supplied, multiple-use, verification cassette. The single-use FoodChek™ MICT® Reader Cleaning Cassettes are sold separately.

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450,1414 8th Street S.W.



T2R 1J6


Website: visit

Tel: Toll Free: +[1] 877-298-0208

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