COPAN Liquid Based Microbiology

AllerSnap - Allergen Detection on Surfaces

Manufacturer: Hygiena International

Principle: Chromogenic chemical reaction



Suitability: Hygiene monitoring and cleaning verification

Capital equipment required: Incubator ( up to 55oC )


AllerSnap is an integrated reagent swab device for the detection of non-specific protein residues on surfaces to verify cleanliness. This visual colourimetric test changes from green to purple providing a qualitative and semi-quantitative result. It has a high sensitivity capable of detecting 1- 3 µg protein after 15 mins incubation at 55oC.

Key Points:
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Swab is pre-wetted to enhance sample collection
  • Results are obtained in 15 minutes
  • Clear colour change
  • High sensitivity
  • Product shelf life is 12 – 18 months
  • Cost effect part of an allergen management program
Manufacture details:

Hygiena International Ltd


United Kingdom


Tel: +[44] 1923 818821

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