VITEK® 2 - Take Your Microbiology Lab to the Next Level

VITEK® 2 - Take Your Microbiology Lab to the Next Level

VITEK® 2 is a completely automated system providing same-day identification and antibiotic susceptibility results. These results help clinicians select the best treatment options for therapeutic success, patient outcome and containing healthcare costs.

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With more than 45 years experience in microbiology, bioMérieux, has taken VITEK® 2 to an even higher level to ensure your lab can deliver more, faster and with greater flexibility. The new additions to VITEK® 2 Systems provide users with:

Greater Work Freedom

  • Eliminate waiting time with Remote Multi-User Access for up to 10 simultaneous users
  • Access VITEK® 2 applications, such as bioART™ and Advanced Expert System™ (AES), directly from anywhere on your network
  • Free up valuable bench space by connecting multiple VITEK® 2 instruments to one PC

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Deliver More, Faster

  • Impact patient management by reporting ID/AST results as soon as they become available. No need to wait for all results to complete.
  • Offer new AST testing for antifungals* (addition of caspofungin, posaconazole, micafungin) and routine streptococcus* (11 antibiotics and Inducible Clindamycin Resistance screen test) for ß-Strep, non-Group B and Viridans Strep
  • Aid clinicians further by designing reports to meet their needs
  • Take greater advantage of AES and bioART™ software by viewing AES interpretations, deduction rules, forcing rules, and graphics directly from your workbench

* availability of new AST cards pending regulatory registrations and approvals as required by local authorities

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Tags: Antibiotic Sensitivity, Full Lab Automation, Identification, Workflow Optimization

Date Published: August 10, 2010

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