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Innovative Sample Preparation System for Quantifying Live Probiotic Bacteria

Best way to count live probiotic bacteria The Inlabtec TA12 offers labs performing 10-fold sample dilutions, with up to twelve steps, a unique protocol that requires virtually no work preparation or setup time thereby realizing unmatched ergonomic, economic and ecological benefits.
Posted: 2018-04-06 F O

Check-Points Introduces the CE-IVD BD MAX™ Check-Points CPO Assay

Early 2018 Check-Points has obtained CE-IVD registration for its BD MAX™ Check-Points CPO assay for the fully automated BD MAX™ System, detecting the five worldwide most prevalent carbapenemase genes in less than 2.5 hours. Visit us at booth #20B.
Posted: 2018-04-05 C

Make Sure We Have Your ECCMID Stand Details

For the next few weeks we will be running a special feature focusing on what's happening at this year's ECCMID tradeshow and we'd like to tell our website visitors about what's going be displayed on your stand.
Posted: 2018-04-05 C

Prepare Assay Plates Directly from 2D Coded Tubes

Externally threaded tubes for sample storage eliminates the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread, greatly reducing the chance of cross-contamination while improving sample integrity.
Posted: 2018-04-04 C CP F O P V

VirClia® Monotest and the Automated Solutions Adapted to You

Vircell specialises in diagnostic solutions for human infectious diseases. Come to ECCMID booth #18A to learn more about our products and the latest additions to VirClia® catalogue. We will be doing demos on the VirClia® systems, don’t miss out!
Posted: 2018-04-04 C

INTEGRA – a Driving Force in Pipetting Innovation

By engaging with its customers, INTEGRA understands the challenges faced by today’s laboratories, bringing novel products – such as the VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette, GripTips and the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot – to the market year after year.
Posted: 2018-04-04 C CP F O P V

How Will Changes to Annex 1 Effect Your Disinfection Processes?

How will Changes to Annex 1 Effect Your Disinfection Processes? Denise Irving, Senior Microbiology Consultant, Honeyman Group reviews the recent enhanced requirements for disinfection and the factors to consider during risk assessments of disinfection processes in the manufacture of sterile medicinal products.
Posted: 2018-04-04 P

PDA Releases Comments on Annex 1: Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products

PDArecommends that EMA completely revises Section 8.84 of the draft on the pre-use, post-sterilization integrity test (PUPSIT) for sterilizing filters.
Posted: 2018-04-03 P

Big Data Analytics Shows Pandemic Rise in E. coli ST1193

ID Genomics (IDG) have announced the discovery of a nationwide rise in the levels of a drug-resistant ‘superbug’ - Escherichia coli strain ST1193. “Our analysis is the first notification of E. coli ST1193’s pandemic rise
Posted: 2018-04-03 C

INTERSCIENCE Introduces New Bag for Easy Media Prep and Blending

Pre-filled blending bags Just add water and blend! This new filter bag comes pre-dosed with dehydrated media, allowing a 2-in-1 process that ends time consuming media preparation. The dehydrated media dissolves in the bag as the sample is blended.
Posted: 2018-04-03 F

Rapid Confirmation of L. mono from Presumptives on Chromogenic Media

Fast identification of Listeria colonies Microgen’s new Rap-ID L. mono™ can differentiate between L. monocytogenes and L. ivanovii colonies grown on chromogenic media within 4 hours.
Posted: 2018-04-03 F

Three Salmonella Targets in One PCR Test for Poultry - AFNOR Certified

RapidFinder Salmonella Multiplex PCR Workflow features simple sample preparation and results in as few as 16 hours from raw, ready-to-eat and ready to reheat poultry and pork, as well as production environment samples.
Posted: 2018-03-29 F

The Portable Microbial Respirometer Making Big Footprints

Speedy Breedy has been successfully reviewed by the US Pharmacopoeia under their Technology Review.
Posted: 2018-03-27 C P V W

Biospectrix™ Identifies Blood Pathogens Without Culture

Biospectrix does not require culturing and identifies a broad range of bacteria in < 1 hour directly from the patient sample and has been granted FDA Breakthrough Device Designation.
Posted: 2018-03-27 C

Preliminary Program Set for IAFP 2018

Attendance at annual IAFP meeting 2018 is expected to exceed 3,600 of the top industry, academic and government food safety professionals.
Posted: 2018-03-27 F

Neogen’s Listeria Right Now™ Wins CFIA Innovation Award

Listeria testing without enrichment Detecting all species of Listeria, including L. monocytogenes in environmental samples in under 60 mins without need for enrichment means companies no longer have to grow potentially dangerous pathogens on-site.
Posted: 2018-03-26 F

3M Introduces New Molecular Method for Campylobacter

3M Molecular test for Campylobacter in Poultry 3M’s new assay and simplified enrichment broth makes testing process significantly faster than alternatives a streamlined protocol for Campylobacter and Salmonella means the system is able to perform up to 96 tests of multiple types in one 60-minute run.
Posted: 2018-03-23 F

Examine Priorclave's Latest Autoclave Functionality at ACHEMA

Best autoclave for energy efficency The Priorclave QCS EH100, a 100 litre laboratory autoclave has a horizontal cylindrical chamber with a diameter larger than most, with space to sterilise both small and taller than usual items, without investing in larger, heavier more costly rectangular autoclaves.
Posted: 2018-03-22 C F O P V W

Easy Way to Monitor L. monocytogenes in Food Processing Environments

Listeria test for food contact surfaces SwabSURE ListeriaP offers easy to use and easy to read chromogenic detection of pathogenic Listeria from food contact and other environmental surfaces. Campden BRI validated, ISO 18593 compliant, all reagents are ready-to-use with neutralising buffer included.
Posted: 2018-03-21 F

Top Marks for Cherwell’s Redipor® Prepared Microbial Media Products

Cherwell Ready to use Media Recent customer satisfaction survey has affirmed that the vast majority would recommend Cherwell and its Redipor® microbiological media products to a colleague. Redipor Prepared Media price list, are now available to download from Cherwell’s website.
Posted: 2018-03-21 CP F O P W

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