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3M MDS for Listeria Environmental Testing Receives AOAC-PTM Approval

Using two unique, innovative technologies - isothermal DNA amplification and bioluminescence detection, the 3M™ Molecular Detection System is a fundamentally different pathogen detection method.
Posted: 2012-09-17 F

USDA Letter of No Objection for Neogen's NeoSEEK™ STEC Assay

This allows companies to use the NeoSEEK system to comply with the USDA's recent regulation requiring testing of raw beef trim for six new STEC serogroups, in addition to the previously regulated STEC, E. coli O157:H7.
Posted: 2012-09-17 F

Commercial Launch of Advandx QuickFISH™ (20 min. Pathogen ID)

The first molecular test to enable reporting of pathogen identification at the same time as Gram stain results from positive blood cultures.
Posted: 2012-09-17 C

Pipette Tips That Never Leak or Fall Off

INTEGRA has designed GripTip pipette tips which, in tandem with VIAFLO pipettes, create a unique system that ensures your pipette tip will never loosen, leak or fall off again.
Posted: 2012-09-17 F O P

Using LuminUltra's 2nd Generation ATP to Prevent Legionnaire's Disease

Along with good housekeeping/maintenance practices, 2nd Generation ATP testing can be used to monitor and control total biomass at levels where the risk of growing L. pneumophila in a water system becomes minimal or nil.
Posted: 2012-09-17 W

Smoking out Listeria

A survey conducted by the Food Standards Agency in Scotland suggest that certain stages in smoked fish processing plants appear to be more vulnerable than others to persistent colonisation by Listeria monocytogenes.
Posted: 2012-09-11 F

bioMérieux VITEK® Mass Spec Solution for Automated, Ultra Rapid ID

bioMérieux have launched the VITEK® MS (21CFR Part 11 Compliant) which provides microorganism identification in minutes with its specifically developed pharmaceutical database.
Posted: 2012-09-11 P

EnteroPluri-Test for Easy, Manual Identification of Enterobacteriaceae

Easy, manual identification enterobacteriaceae EnteroPluri-Test is a complete identification system, manufactured by Liofilchem, for the identification of Enterobacteriaceae, made of a transparent plastic carrier, divided in 12 sections containing different biochemical tests, and a metal
Posted: 2012-09-10 C

New Video Describes the High Throughput, Rapid Method for TVC's Using GreenLight

MOCON has released its new video describing how its GreenLight technology can produce TVC counts in foods and beverage samples 10 times faster than the reference plating methods.
Posted: 2012-09-10 F

Puritan Diagnostics Awarded U.S. and Canadian Patents for HydraFlock® Swab

Puritan Diagnostics LLC, announced that they have received a Canadian patent and have completed examination and will soon be receiving a U.S. patent for their high performance HydraFlock® swab.
Posted: 2012-09-10 C F

LI and ICR Settle Plates for Passive Air Monitoring of Microbial Contaminants

Merck Millipore's ICR Settle Plates for critical cleanrooms and isolators in transparent, H2O2-impermeable triple-barrier packaging. Also available - Long Incubation (LI) Settle Plates for less critical cleanrooms.
Posted: 2012-09-10 F O P

Free up Freezer Space for Microbes

From September 2012, TSC's new Protect Multipurpose and Protect Select range will save customers 70% freezer space with a re-design of its packaging using a new moisture resistant, fibreboard freezer box.
Posted: 2012-09-04 C

Food Pathogen Detection Simplified - Pathatrix® Auto System

Pathatrix® Auto System delivers faster time-to-results, fewer false positives & reduces food pathogen detection costs.
Posted: 2012-09-04 F

New White Paper on Recovering Very Low Bacterial Loads from Hygiene Swabs

MOCON has completed a new study on the use of its GreenLight technology for hygiene swabbing
Posted: 2012-09-03 F

What are you Missing from your Throat Cultures?

Hardy Diagnostics has developed a new selective culture medium - Arcanobacterium Selective Agar for the isolation and detection of Arcanobacterium haemolyticum
Posted: 2012-09-03 C

FDA Authorization for Verigene Gram+ Blood Culture NAT

The BC-GP test notably expands Nanosphere's infectious disease test capabilities to include fast detection of bacteria that can cause deadly bloodstream infections, an increasingly recognized health threat.
Posted: 2012-08-28 C

Invisible Sentinel Monoclonal Antibodies for Food Pathogens

Invisible Sentinel Inc. have made available a suite of monoclonal antibodies specific for the four most prevalent bacterial foodborne pathogens.
Posted: 2012-08-28 F

Affymetrix and PathGEN Dx Partner to Develop Pathogen Detection Kit

The kit will be comprised of PathGEN Dx's proprietary reagents, an automated software package, and a contract manufactured GeneChip® microarray from Affymetrix.
Posted: 2012-08-27 C

Merck Millipore Extends NovaSeptum® Sterile Sampling Offerings

Novel cap with O-ring component reduces loss of product by maintaining a completely closed system during sample collection, transport and especially during long term storage where stress release can induce leakage.
Posted: 2012-08-20 P

Second ProtoCOL System used at Prestigious UCL Institute of Child Health

Synbiosis announce its ProtoCOL 3 automated colony counter is being used at one of Europe's largest children's health research facilities, the UCL ICH to rapidly assess the effectiveness of novel vaccines.
Posted: 2012-08-20 C F O P

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