Neogen Launches Simple, Quick Test for Rhizoctonia spp.

Neogen has developed the quickest and easiest method to detect Rhizoctonia spp., a group of fungal pathogens which cause root and stem rots, damping off of young plants and plant loss.

Neogen's newly formatted Rhizoctonia spp. ALERT-LF™ is the only commercially available lateral flow assay capable of detecting these pathogens. This simple test provides a presence/absence result within 10 minutes in a format which makes it a valuable tool for on-site testing. This completes the range of ALERT-LF™ kits, which also includes Phytophthora spp., Pythium spp., and Botrytis spp.

'Each of our ALERT-LF™ tests are suitable for use in a glasshouse, field and laboratory, as the devices can be used without the aid of special equipment or detailed technical knowledge,' said Neogen Europe's Sales and Marketing Director Steve Chambers. 'These kits provide real-time, easy-to-interpret results and permit rapid disease identification in a variety of settings.'

Tags: Identification, Pathogen

Date Published: March 26, 2013 » company contact details

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