Liquid Amies Transport Swabs Now Available from TSC

Liquid Amies Transport Swabs

Probact Liquid Amies Transport Swabs are now available for the collection and transport of bacterial samples for use in high volume automated laboratories.

The Liquid Amies Transport Swab kit is the latest product to be introduced in the highly successful Probact range of transport swab kits from Technical Service Consultants (TSC).

CE marked and CLSI M40-A compliant, the all in one sampling kit contains 1ml of liquid Amies medium, ideal for maintaining the viability of aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hours and a superior flocked swab for the reliable collection and transport of bacteria to the laboratory.

Probact's flocked swabs are manufactured using soft, varied length nylon fibres that optimise absorption and release of the sample, ideal for general sampling including nasopharyngeal, endocervical and wound sampling.

The polystyrene shaft is flexible for patient comfort and has a convenient breakpoint so it snaps and fits easily into the pre-labelled vial, where the 'swab capture cap' secures it for safe transport, analysis and disposal. Suitable for both culture and molecular assays, each kit is supplied in a tamper evident peel pouch.

Simply write on the patients details, Sample, Snap, Secure and Send, it couldn't be easier.
Available NOW for evaluation.

Call +44(0)1706 620600 or visit product information page

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Date Published: August 12, 2013

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