Lab M Celebrates Successful Launch of new Product Line

Lab M Product LineCelebrating this month's successful launch of µPREP™ Buffered Peptone Water ISO (BPW), the first product in Lab M's new 'just add water' media line, Managing Director Ian Morris handed bottles of bubbly to the team behind the new brand name.

Chris Wolfenden, Marketing Communications Coordinator for Lab M, and Veronica Ponnuthurai, Export Sales Manager, came up with the name µPREP™ which will be applied to all of Lab M's emerging range of bagged, sterile dehydrated microbiological culture media that are made ready to use simply by adding water.

µPREP™ uses Lab M's proven dehydrated culture media formulations and is designed primarily for high throughput laboratories where speed, convenience, reliability and cost-effectiveness are high priorities, and where storage space is often at a premium. This first product in the range , µPREP™ BPW (ISO), is supplied sterile in boxes of 10 highly robust bags, each of which makes 20 litres of finished medium, simply with the addition of standard laboratory deionised or reverse osmosis water.

For anyone with bulk media needs, µPREP™ BPW (ISO) takes up minimal storage space, offers quick, convenient reconstitution with no need to autoclave and preparation does not require skilled personnel.

To find out how µPREP™ BPW (ISO) and this expanding product range can help streamline your laboratory's workflow visit

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