INTEGRA Biosciences Invests In UK Market

INTEGRA Biosciences has announced, as of August 1st 2013, a direct sales / support team in the UK to further improve support of its local customer base.

The new team will work closely with local distributor Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd (SLS) to market and provide top quality local support for the company's innovative laboratory tools for liquid handling and media preparation.

Torbjörn Gripp, Direct of Sales for INTEGRA commented 'Encouraged by our success in the US market our decision to enter into the UK market with own local sales team was simply a logical step to move the business forward”. He added 'In the UK - INTEGRA is already well known for quality products like PIPETBOY serological pipettes and VACUSAFE aspiration systems. With the expanded resource we will intensify our efforts on introducing innovative award winning products such as the VOYAGER Space Adjustable Pipette and the VIAFLO 96 Channel Pipette to the UK'.

For further information please visit Stand C3 at the ELRIG Drug Discovery Meeting (Manchester, UK) or contact INTEGRA Biosciences on telephone +41-81-286-9530 / email

Tags: Liquid Handling

Date Published: September 6, 2013 » company contact details

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