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 Charles River Endosafe Endotoxin Testing Bacterial Endotoxin Testing
Flexible Endosafe® endotoxin testing solutions, from traditional LAL reagents to our line of rapid, real-time single and high volume sample testing systems. We’ll be performing demonstrations of the Endosafe® Nexus™, our fully automated endotoxin testing system, reduces variability, increases reliability, and removes subjectivity. Visit Booth #209 or www.criver.com/cartridges


 Charles River Accugenix Identification - Track and Trend Environmental Monitoring Software
Concerned about data integrity when analyzing EM trends? Discover how our new Accugenix® Tracking and Trending features automate reporting, simplify data analysis, and provide secure data management. Visit Booth #209 or www.criver.com/accugenix


 Charles River Celsis Accel ATP testing Rapid Microbial Detection
Amplified ATP-based detection has raised the standard for what is considered rapid. The Celsis Accel® with AMPiScreen® easily fits into your existing test method, but removes days of incubation by replacing it with a simple but confident assay. Visit Booth #209 or www.criver.com/celsis

Tags: Endotoxin, Environmental Monitoring, Identification, BET, Microbial Source Tracking, ATP

Date Published: October 10, 2017

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