Experience Easier Sterility Testing with New Steritest Symbio Pump

Merck Steritest

Merck Millipore is renowned as the pioneer of sterility testing solutions providing complete confidence. When Merck Millipore invented the Steritest™ closed filtration device 40 years ago, we made sterility testing reliable. Today we are making it easy, with our new Steritest™ Symbio Pumps. They are designed to integrate perfectly into all testing environments – maximizing safety and confidence while streamlining your workflow:

  • Compact design to ease operations in laminar flow hoods and isolators
  • Step-by-step operator assistance to ensure test method reproducibility
  • Comprehensive validation and maintenance services to meet regulatory compliance

To discover all the details and to register for an on-site demo please visit www.merckmillipore.com/steritest-symbio. Or contact us directly for more information.

e-mail: mibio@merckgroup.com

Tags: Media Fills, Microbial Limit Testing, Sterility Testing, Filtration, Bioburden, Filterables

Date Published: October 13, 2015

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