New Dedicated Website for Rapid Pathogen ID is now live. This dedicated website developed by Alpha Laboratories provides a valuable resource regarding the serious issue of sepsis. A systemic inflammatory response to a microbial infection, sepsis occurs in 1 in 23 patients admitted to hospital and has a tragic 16% mortality rate. introduces QuickFISH™ rapid diagnostic technology. Using this simple slide based test, the laboratory can specifically identify the causative pathogen species of an infection, directly from positive blood culture - in just 20 minutes. This advance means that patients can receive the correct life-saving treatment up to two days earlier than with conventional diagnostic methods.

The QuickFISH system can play a key role in ensuring early, appropriate therapy for patients with critical infections while at the same time reducing unnecessary antibiotic use and lowering hospital costs. By providing faster pathogen identification, QuickFISH enables microbiology labs to provide real-time diagnostic support to physicians and pharmacists, who in turn can optimise antibiotic therapy and care much earlier, for patients with bloodstream infections.

Visit to find out more about the benefits of QuickFISH Rapid Pathogen ID for: Patients, Laboratory Professionals, Clinicians and Pharmacists.

Tags: Sepsis

Date Published: February 11, 2014

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