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Ceeram Launches New Test Packs for Foodborne and Waterborne Viruses

RT-PCR for foodbourne and waterbourne viruses ceeram has introduced new ceeramTools™ TEST PACKS for detecting different viral pathogens Norovirus GI (NoV GI), Norovirus GII (NoV GII), Hepatitis A (HAV) and 1 extraction control Mengovirus, in Food and Environmental samples.

The ceeramTools™RT-PCR Test kits (provide 48 tests per kit) come complete with:

  • Mastermix
  • Primers and Probes
  • IPC
  • Neg and Pos Controls

Specificity, sensitivity and robustness characterise the ceeramTools™ test kits (Human
Health test kits are marked IVD CE).

In compliance with the up-coming CEN CEN/TC275/WG6/TAG4 method for the detection of viruses in food, these test packs will enable, at an attractive launching price, laboratories to test for these pathogens in ANY matrices using most thermocyclers; they will also give an adequate response to the Guidelines on Application of General Principles to the Control of Viruses in Food from CCFH (Codex Committee on Food Hygiene).

At the same time, our range of Food, Environmental, Animal and Human Health ceeramTools™ test Kits for enteric viruses and parasites will be on SALE for the month of April 2011. Ask us for details on this special offer or visit for more information.

Starting on April 15th, ceeram will also be introducing a new training package, details will be on our website soon at

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Date Published: April 1, 2011 » company contact details
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