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Endotoxin Highlights – the Essence of Experts’ Thinking - GMP Webinar

2018, January 17

Pharmaceutical » Webinar

Recently the problem of low endotoxin recovery employs the pharmaceutical microbiology. Masking – or not?
Evidence gaps? And how can I close them? And how to evaluate?
But although the question about alternative methods like MAT or Recombinant Factors is frequently asked – what is the status of these methods in the Pharmacopoeias? What is the authorities thinking on their use.
These are the questions the pharmaceutical microbiologists as well as those responsible for the release have to deal with.

In this webinar endotoxin expert, Dr Johannes Reich, Microcoat Biotechnologie GmbH will discuss the latest on endotoxin.

Visit www.gmp-compliance.org/training/gmp-course-conference/webinar-endotoxin-highlights-the-essence-of-experts-thinking


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