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RapidChek E. coli O157 Validated for Raw Beef Products

An extensive third-party validation of the SDI (Strategic Diagnostics Inc.) RapidChek® E. coli O157(Including H7) test system for 375g composited raw beef samples, have been completed.

The third-party validation study was performed with RapidChek E. coli O157 test strips for detection of E. coli O157 (Including H7) in composited 375g beef trim, ground beef, and ammoniated beef samples. The results were compared to the USDA FSIS reference method. All samples were confirmed using biochemical/serological procedures as listed in the USDA MLG (Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook). The SDI RapidChek® is a lateral flow assay which can be used in combination with SDI's proprietary enrichment broth.

RapidChek E. coli O157 was shown to reliably detect E. coli O157 (Including H7) in 375g beef trim samples in as few as 10 hours when incubated at 42°C and using a 1:5 sample to media dilution factor, in 375g ground beef samples in as little as 12 hours when incubated at 42°C and in 375g ammoniated beef samples in as few as 18 hours when incubated at 42°C.

The study also demonstrated the ability to verify RapidChek E. coli O157 potential positive results directly from the RapidChek media system with commercially available DNA-based methods followed by further confirmation with biochemical/serological procedures as listed in the USDA MLG. The validation study was conducted by Food Safety Net Services of San Antonio, TX.

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Source: Strategic Diagnostics Inc. (SDI) [USA]
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Posted: October 13, 2009
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