Real Time PCR Solutions for Food Safety

July 2013 archived news list

Conda introduce two new chromogenic media
Identifying fungal contamination in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments
New accessions to the national collection of industrial food and marine bacteria
Biological safety cabinet operating sequence from nuaire
New product video of crocodile miniworkstation for elisa
Food safety microbiology testing approaches 1 billion tests worldwide
Fda clearance for the filmarray blood culture identification panel
Fastest food allergen elisa gives result in 31 minutes
Atcc synthetic west nile virus rna standard new
Atcc launches aspergillus fumigatus drug testing panel
Atcc mycobacterium tuberculosis dna new
Ensure the quality of your antimicrobial preservatives
Programmable peristaltic pump makes dispensing easy
Puritan awarded new canadian patent for purflock ultra flocked swab
New listeria monocytogenes assay for 3m molecular detection system
Enigma ml fluab rsv assay completes successful evaluation
Pseudomonas aeruginosa now available in ez cfu
Rapid micro biosystems secures 32 6 million in series b financing
3 steps to safer and simpler dna gel electrophoresis
Opgen to provide low cost genetic testing service for hais
Large chamber lab autoclaves for bulky items
Thermo fisher scientific releases new small benchtop centrifuge
Kinesis launches kx range of syringe filters
Instant access to worldwide regulations for mycotoxins
Ceeram gains iso9001 iso13485 laboratory and food safety innovation award
Viability pcr a new approach for monitoring intracellular pathogens viability
Compact dry ready to use test plates now available from r biopharm
Instantlabs receives aoac certification for l monocytogenes test kit
Life technologies to distribute ceeramtoolstm range of foodbourne virus kits
New genotyping technology for rapid strain typing to debut at iafp
Real time viable particle detection for grade a aseptic processing
Invisible sentinel to show veriflow technology at iafp
Outstanding environmental control in panasonics co2 incubators
Food safety testing market global trends to 2018 15 discount
High integrity storage of blood fraction samples
Unique molecular assay diagnosis of parvovirus b19
Easy colour change detection of pathogenic listeria
New video shows use of lab ms new prep media format

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