Clever Way to Automate Plate REading

June 2007 archived news list

Rapid chromogenic methods in food testing cost reduction combined with performance
Conda chromogenic agar detects three candida species on one plate
New etest click and read with biomic v3 microbiology system
Dws expands ukas calibration service
Advandx elects panagene as supplier of pna probes for its pna fish diagnostic products
New peristaltic pump enhances qc at f hoffman la roche ag
Bacteria safe for safer sterilization of loops needles and container mouths
New edition gilson product guide for automated purification
Unmatched ease of use performance and versatility for your liquid transfer applications
Test method guide counting techniques in microbiology
New chromogenic microval approved total count plate validated for all foods
Priorclave gives advice and suggestions on choosing the right autoclave for your laboratory
Luminultra teams up with a new agent for usa
2nd generation atp monitoring products from luminultra making haccp style water management programs a reality
New aquatec for prevention of waterborne contamination in waterbaths and incubators
New clsi guidelines for the management of nonconforming laboratory events
New clsi guideline for collection processing and interpretation of blood cultures
The 3 in 1 solution for automated filtration separation and washing
Containers you can count on
When two is better than one medical wires convenient double swab packs
Wellcolex colour latex tests added to oxoid range
Effectively culturing anaerobic bacteria free white paper from spiral biotech
Lab m launches iso compliant baird parker medium

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