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DuPont Nutrition & Health archived news list

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One platform gives validated testing for stec salmonella and l mono
Bax real time pcr assays added to usda fsis microbiology test methods
Real time pcr assay awarded oma status for detecting salmonella
Dupont qualicon is now dupont nutrition amp health
Dupont bax system certified by aoac for salmonella detection
Introducing the dupont bax system real time pcr assay for salmonella
Usda fsis issues letter of no objection for bax system stec suite
Hans kissle wins 11th annual food quality award
Bax receives fda equivalence for salmonella enteritidis in eggs
Expanded database advances identification capabilities of the dupont riboprinter system
Dupont helps food industry comply with new usda food safety policy
Bax system real time assay for e coli o157 h7 approved by health canada
Usda and dupont to develop test for non o157 stec
Bax e coli o157 h7 test now aoac approved
New bax system test for e coli o157 h7
Bax mp enrichment media aoac approved for o157 h7 and salmonella
Dupont qualicon bax system 24e assays for listeria certified by aoac
Bax system receives emergency response validation
Dupont qualicon introduces dupont pcr reagent kits
Dupont qualicon bax system vibrio assay certified by aoac
Dupont qualicon hosts 8th annual food quality award presentation
Dupont qualicon releases new bax system assay for rapid vibrio detection
Dupont qualicon bax system included in aoac emergency response validation program
Dupont licenses scorpions technology for food and beverage diagnostics
Bax system salmonella assay now certified by aoac for environmental testing
Expanded riboprinter database helps identify track and trend bacterial contamination
Dupont qualicon bax system certified by government for use in russia
Bax system 24e assays certified by afnor
Dupont qualicon registered to iso 9001 2000 standard
Bax system listeria assay now aoac approved for testing food products
Food industry professionals attend award reception hosted by dupont qualicon
Bax system 8 hour assay for detecting listeria certified by aoac ri
Collaboration to develop new test for e coli o157 h7
Bax reg system real time pcr assay for s aureus certified by aoac ri
Dupont qualicon releases new bax system eight hour listeria test
Bax system real time pcr assay for campylobacter certified by aoac ri
Dupont qualicon releases new bax system assay for detecting staphylococcus aureus
Brazilian ministry of agriculture purchases riboprinter system
Usda fsis adopts bax system for e coli o157 testing
New bax system assay for poultry rinses detects c jejuni and c coli
Aoac ri certifies bax e coli o157 h7
See advanced diagnostic technology from dupont qualicon at asm 2005
Dupont qualicon bax system for detecting listeria receives aoac ri certification
Data merging and updated database for dupont qualicon riboprinter system
Brazil government approval for salmonella detection using bax
Aoac ri approval for dupont qualicon bax e coli o157 h7
Dupont qualicon bax system approved by health canada
Bax system for detecting salmonella adopted as aoac official method
Dupont qualicon adds enterobacter sakazakii to the bax detection system
Dupont qualicon bax system adopted by usda food safety and inspection service dna based screener for nations food supply

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