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Microgen Bioproducts Ltd. archived news list

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Rapid and accurate detection of h pylori antigen
Improved microgen s test
Rapid and accurate detection of norovirus
Complete and convenient c difficile cytotoxin testing solution
Microgen gna id has achieved validation by aoac ri
Accurate and reliable identification of e coli
Microgen simplifies identification confirmation of campylobacter spp
Microgen bioproducts makes rotavirus diagnosis even faster
Microgen listeria id improves differentiation of haemolytic and non haemolytic listeria
Microgen bacillus id improved
A step forward in respiratory virus detection
Microgen listeria id to be included in m amp s microbiological methods manual
Improved rapid legionella test
The revolution in microbiological sample preparation continues
Improved identification of streptococci and enterococci
Path chek hygiene pathogen system for food environments
Improved rapid tests for rotavirus and adenovirus
Bactfish offers benefits to sepsis patient management uk only
Mercia eia the most advanced infectious disease antibody testing available
New kit detects metapneumovirus uk only
Fungal serology and miscellaneous allergens testing
Microgen listeria id receives cmmas approval
Microgen kits gain fda registration
Identification system for staphylococci new microgen staph id
Renewed interest in the rapid identification of clostridium difficile from culture
Rapid salmonella confirmation and screening from selective agar
Microgen launches new identification system for bacillus and related species
Microgens monoclonal enhanced legionella test
Microgen listeria identification kit gains aoac ri approval
Improved haemolysis test for listeria identification
The rapid isolation and identification of listeria species from food samples
Pathchek hygiene monitoring test now available in asia pacific region
Microgen identification system software update
The pulsifier a new instrument for the preparation of food samples for microbiological examination

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