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Mast Group Ltd archived news list

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Mast launches new carbapenemase detection set
Novel technology for dna and rna amplification
Mast launches new mast isoplex
Successful uk launch of mast urisystem
Mast launches new ampc detection set
Mast offers molecular biology based assays for vtec
Masts contribution to the fight against increasing antibiotic resistance
Mast launch genoxtract
Mast launch ground breaking c difficile test
The significance of quality and reliability in diagnosing esbls
Mast products for detection of lyme borreliosis
Genoquick mtb simple rapid pcr for m tuberculosis screening
Mast launch hain gtq 96 thermocycler
Nhs fife fights norovirus with advanced technology
Genoquick ct simple rapid pcr for c trachomatis
Seeplex kit offers who parameters for influenza testing
British thoracic society recommend pcr for atypical pneumonia infections
Need for drug resistance screening in h pylori
Mast launch influenza a subtyping kit
New multiplex diarrhoea test allows 15 bacteria toxin amp viruses to be detected simultaneously
Multiplex meningitis test simultaneous detection 15 bacteria and viruses
Loopamp nucleic acid amplification kits
Detection of swine flu using seeplex
Mast launches seeplex multiplex pcr
Mast launches new eiken loopamp norovirus kit
Rapid detection of mrsa pvl
Mrsa detection double quick
Ease the flow with the mast urine screening system
New dna strip technology from mast
Mastalex mrsa providing the answer to a global problem

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