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International pbi SpA archived news list

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Sst sampling collection a complete set of samplers in a shatterproof carrying case
Bioaerosol monitoring
Multilocation centre for air monitoring in clean rooms
Ergonomic pipettor for working in a biological safety cabinet
Multilocation centre for air monitoring in clean rooms
Space saving autoclave for the smaller lab
Bacteria safe for safer sterilization of loops needles and container mouths
Biocarrier system provides safe specimen transport from ward to lab
Disposable aspirating head for microbiological air monitoring
Air sampling for isolators
The microbiological homogeniser for food pharma and clinical use
Ready to use water sampling bags with added sodium thiosulfate
New additions to range ensure sterile sampling in lab or field
Auto koch a portable table top autoclave
The nutrimenta kit complete portable sampling kit
Automating media preparation
Dual head portable microbiological air sampler
Detecting viable microbiological contaminants in compressed air
Contamination control in isolators
Sterilisation according to iso en 17025
Efficient sterilization by formaldehyde
Take the stress out of colony counting
Improving indoor air quality for labs and production areas
The formalintec portable unit for sterilizing premises specially for h5n1 avian flu
International pbi celebrates 50th anniversary
Automatic vertical benchtop autoclave 17 litres capacity
Legionella pneumophila monitoring using the sas pcr legionella air sampler
Automatic media dispenser makes 0ver 500 plates per hour
Microbiological monitoring in isolator and barrier environments
Bioaerosol sampler for legionella pneumophila
New disposable pipettes range provides widest choice
Air monitoring multiple samples mean more reliable results
Single wrap contact plates for surface monitoring
Comprehensive sampling manual now available
Pbi autoclave family
Safe handling of hazardous samples
Isam award to nalge
New concept in microbiological air sampler validation and calibration
Leonardo for science catalogue now available in electronic version
Multi head microbial air sampler
Complete inactivation of high risk material
Biological risk during healthcare facility renovation

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