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INTEGRA Biosciences AG archived news list

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Integra serological pipettor improves liquid handling productivity
Increasing the safety of biological liquid waste disposal
Fast accurate pipette filling amp dispensing
Integra biosciences invests in uk market
Pipetboy pro from integra fast accurate pipette filling and dispensing
Programmable peristaltic pump makes dispensing easy
Simple media dispensing smart compact peristaltic pump
Optimised system for preparation of drosophila melanogaster fly food
Reproducible isolation of high quality rna
Integra adds to reagent reservoir range
Safe flame sterilization
Vacuum aspiration of liquids in biosafety level 1 2 amp 3 laboratories
Disposable reagent reservoirs low cost stackable
Improving reproducibility in real time pcr
Handheld 96 amp 384 channel pipetting system
How to improve pipetting between different labware formats
Extended length pipette tips improve labware access
Pipette tips that never leak or fall off
Portable system for aspiration and disposal of biological waste
Paperless media preparation process documentation
Low dead volume reservoir saves on reagent costs
Integra pipetboy brand celebrates 30th anniversary
Error free and comfortable pipetting
High throughput petri dish filling
Innovative reagent reservoirs
Turbo mode enhances high throughput petri dish filling
Software tool enables easy pipette management
Automated production of high quality blood agar
Peristaltic pump simplifies challenging liquid handling tasks
New 96 channel handheld electronic pipette
Out of box solution for liquid waste disposal
Safe flame sterilisation
Comfortable error free pipetting
Reliable walk away media preparation amp processing
Video demonstrates safety certified bunsen burner
Integral led light provides error free and comfortable pipetting
Affordable and flexible liquid sample handling
Versatile aspiration system for safe vacuum disposal of liquids
Versatile handheld vacuum tweezers
Petri dish filler offers automated filling of biplates and pour plates
Intrinsically safe bunsen burner gains wide market acceptance
Improve your liquid dispensing productivity and quality assurance
Applications reports demonstrate safe amp efficient aspiration of liquids
Automated media preparation cuts plated media costs for vet lab
A safe alternative to traditional bunsen burners
Online video demonstrates state of the art lab vacuum system
Versatile media preparation system fulfils the needs of nematode research
High capacity automated petri dish filler
Automated preparation of filter assays for determination of total bacterial counts
New peristaltic pump enhances qc at f hoffman la roche ag
Online video demonstrates easy to use peristaltic pump
Production of high quality blood agar
New membrane filter protects pipettors from liquid contamination and damage
Benchtop dispensing made easy
Versatile culture media production
A safe and productive tool for flame sterilisation
Pipetboy precision pipettes datasheets now in english french and german
Optimise tools for quality conscious cell culture laboratories
The 21st century alternative to the bunsen burner for safety conscious labs
Microbiology media preparation and dispensing products exhibited at analytica
Mediajet 540 agar plates at the touch of a button
Vacusafe for safe and easy aspiration of biohazardous liquids
High capacity automated petri dish filling with mediajet
New generation media preparation makes 1000 plates per hour
The pipetboy for comfort and performance
New bunsen burner for safer laboratories
New state of the art tool for liquid aspiration filtration and waste disposal
Mediaclave the versatile media preparator
Ergonomically designed pipetboy comfort wins design award
Historic landmark for integra biosciences precision pipette

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