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Don Whitley Scientific archived news list

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Workstation with two airlocks launched designed for busy labs
New 10 plate petri dish racks and coloured tags
Three port hypoxystation launched
Practical guide to clinical anaerobic microbiology now available
New four port anaerobic workstation launched
New petri dish imaging system
Don whitey scientific flies high with a thousand wasps
New whitley jar gassing system for anaerobic and microaerobic incubation
Petri dishes on demand from don whitley scientific
Don whitley strengthens online video resources
A85 maximum flexibility to suit your anaerobic workload
Don whitley to market zisys automated microbiology systems
Aps one good things come in small packages
No gloves or sleeves for whitley a35 anaerobic workstation
Count by colours with protocol2
Whitley workstation for hypoxia research
A smashing improvement for laboratory blending
A new aspect to modern microbiology fully automated inoculating and streaking
Dws masters automated barcode labelling
Vertical and benchtop autoclave range for safe precise and reproducible sterilisation
Automated in transit temperature monitoring of heat sensitive samples
New workstation for precise oxygen control
Minimising microbial risks in infant milk formula
Controlling hypoxic conditions in cancer research
Leading dermatology centre uses dws equipment to rapidly test new anti microbials
Easier faster and safer steam sterilisation
Accupas the worlds first automated streaking system
Automated antibiotic susceptibility testing from don whitley scientific
Dws expands ukas calibration service
Chinese order 21 minimac anaerobic and microaerophilic workstations
New zone analysis system from don whitley scientific
Food testing in kazakhstan helped by 14 rabit systems
Smashing sample preparation
Interfacing double autoclave doors separate lab areas
Media preparation made easy
Dws offers ukas accredited calibration and validation service
Rapid cycling for intelligent autoclaving
Automatic temperature monitoring of laboratory equipment
Labguard quality assurance system for lab equipment
24 hour listeria environmental testing
Don whitley scientific supplies rapid test for campylobacter
The systec d range for simple safe autoclaving up to 5bar 150 c
New minimacs takes on anaerobes
New microaerophilic gassing system from don whitley scientific
Don whitley scientific master of perfect media preparation

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