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Microbiology News: 2016 » December

Hygiena to Acquire Food Safety Diagnostics Business from DuPont

In a deal expected to close in first quarter 2017, Hygiena will be gaining the DuPont food diagnostics business, retaining the Qualicon name the assests include the BAX® and RiboPrinter® Systems and associated test kits.
Posted: 2016-12-16

Study on Advantages of High Pressure Processing Food Technology

HPP is a rapidly growing non-thermal food preservation process that inactivates harmful bacteria and spoilage organisms right within product packages.
Posted: 2016-12-13

A New Approach to Rapidly Identify Salmonella Typhimurium

iQ Check PCR for Salmonella Typhimurium Identification of Salmonella Typhimurium to meet regulations is now easy and efficient with iQ-Check® S. Typhimurium
Posted: 2016-12-12

Lonza to Exhibit Innovative Research Solutions at SLAS2017

Lonza solutions for highthroughput endotoxin testing The Lonza team (at SLAS2017 booth 547) will be showing equipment, reagents and software to increase laboratory efficiency and throughput for transfection, endotoxin detection and ADMA-Tox testing.
Posted: 2016-12-12

Simplifying Environmental Microbiology Research with Rainin Pos-D™ Pipettes

The METTLER TOLEDO Rainin Pos-D™ positive-displacement pipette has allowed researchers to pipette oil easily and efficiently.
Posted: 2016-12-08

Reliable Walk-away Petri Dish Media Filler

automated plate and tube filler For automated filling of Petri dishes and test tubes, the INTEGRA MEDIAJET can be used with virtually any brand, size or shape of plate with optimized media level saving money on costs.
Posted: 2016-12-05

The Evolution of Culture Methods - RAPID' Range of Chromogenic Media

RAPID' range of chromogenic media Bio-Rad offer a complete range of chromogenic media for foodborne pathogens and quality indicators - methods have been optimized to simplify workflow and significantly reduce time to result.
Posted: 2016-12-05

Christmas and New Year Offer - 50% Off All Training Seminars

Use CNY2017 Promo Code to get 50% off on all Global Compliance Panel seminars until 1st Jan 2017.
Posted: 2016-12-05

GFP-labeled Leishmania for Drug Discovery and Development

GFP-labeled Leishmania Ready-to-use tools that support the in vitro evaluation of novel therapeutics.
Posted: 2016-12-02

FDA and EU Food Contact Compliant Sample Preparation Tubes

FDA and EU Compliant Food Sample Prep Tubes Gosselin offers a full line of disposable, premium quality conical centrifuge tubes manufactured from high quality, ultra-clear resins. These tubes meet the quality and performance standards required by quality control laboratories.
Posted: 2016-12-01

Efficient Detection of Environmental Clostridium difficile Within 24 Hrs

C Diff Banana Broth™ Reduce HAI's with Hardy Diagnostics' C Diff Banana Broth for detection of C. difficile spores and vegetative cells from environmental samples without anaerobic systems with 100% specificity.
Posted: 2016-12-01

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