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Microbiology News: 2016 » March

Four New Tests for Veterinary Drug Residues in Foods

Neogen have added tests for Clenbuterol, Avermectins, Florfenicol Oxytetracycline to the Veratox range of rapid veterinary drug residue tests.
Posted: 2016-03-29

Coppe Laboratories Adds Powassan Virus (POWV) Testing Service

Coppe Laboratories is the first commercial lab to be able to offer a testing service for Powassan Virus - which maybe useful where suspected Lyme disease is not responding to antibiotic treatment.
Posted: 2016-03-29

Lab Chooses WASPLab™ and VIRTUO™ for Full Microbiology Automation

Combining the bioMérieux VIRTUO™ and COPAN WASPLab™ enables standardised, fully automatic processing of microbiology specimens through every step of the analysis.
Posted: 2016-03-29

BAX® X5 Receives AFNOR Certification for Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7

AFNOR validation Salmonella and E.coli O157 Certification makes it easier for European food processors to adopt the DuPont™ BAX® System X5, an automated, PCR-based method for detection of food pathogens in raw ingredients, finished products and environmental samples.
Posted: 2016-03-29

Reduce Cross Contamination with 1.4ml External Thread Tubes

The new 1.4ml externally threaded tubes can hold higher volumes and reduce chances of cross contamination, tubes are suitable for ultra-low temperature storage and compatible with automated systems, RNase/DNase and pyrogen free.
Posted: 2016-03-23

Food Safety Testing Market in China Predicted to be $791 Million by 2020

Some key factors in growth of food safety testing in China are the high importance of meat and poultry products together with high incidence of foodborne illness. Increasing globalisation will have an impact with an emphasis on food pathogen testing.
Posted: 2016-03-23

Cherwell Introduces New Redipor® Prepared Media Products to Support Customer Needs

Redipor bespoke ready to use media Cherwell have introduced over 55 new products to their Redipor prepared media range in response to customer requirements for bespoke ready to use media solutions.
Posted: 2016-03-23

Immuno-Cell - Your Partner for Test Cards for use in Diagnostic Test Kits

Immuno-Cell is a specialist supplier of test cards for diagnostic kits, range includes test cards for Latex and RPR - with "printed circles" or with "printed fields". Download the 2016 price list for full list of options and rates.
Posted: 2016-03-23

Improved On-Site Strip Test Detects Soy in 11 Minutes

The new AgraStrip® Soy from Romer Labs can be applied to a variety of finished food products, as well as rinse water and environmental swab samples.
Posted: 2016-03-22

Preliminary Program for IAFP 2016 Released

IAFP Annual Meeting St. Louis Over 3,000 food safety professionals are expected to attend the 2016 IAFP Annual Meeting to be held in St. Louis in July. Accompanying the meeting will be a trade exhibition area with more than 150 companies showcasing their latest products and technologies.
Posted: 2016-03-20

SwabSURE ListeriaP - Eliminate Your False Positives

Eliminate your false positive Listeria Ready-to-use swab changes colour to indicate presence of pathogenic Listeria (L. monocytogenes and L. innocua) in food processing environments.
Posted: 2016-03-19

uBiome Appoints Microbiome Self-Experimenter as Citizen-Scientist-in-Residence

Crowd funded company, uBiome has signed former Apple and Microsoft executive Richard Sprague, a noted self-experimenter, to become first Citizen-Scientist-in-Residence, following on from investigation of his own microbiome.
Posted: 2016-03-15

Eurofins Expands into Asia Pacific Biopharma Contract Testing Market

Eurofins has acquired Australian based ams Laboratories an independent and cGMP Quality Control services provider for biopharmaceutical products and media devices.
Posted: 2016-03-15

First FDA-Cleared Test for Carbapenem Resistance Genes in MDRO

Xpert Carba-R qualitative in vitro diagnostic test for fast, accurate, and reproducible identification of 5 distinct families of carbapenem resistance genes - KPC, NDM, VIM, OXA-48 and IMP.
Posted: 2016-03-15

A2LA Accredits First Cannabis Testing Laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025

The A2LA has issued its first Cannabis testing accreditation to Legend Technical Services, Inc., located in St. Paul, MN. The laboratory was assessed to ISO/IEC 17025 – General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration
Posted: 2016-03-14

Puritan Solidifies Its Position in Flocked Swab Technology with Two New US Patents

Puritan Awarded Patent Puritan now manufactures more than 40 types of swabs, which include the recently U.S. patented PurFlock® and HydraFlock® lines, all of which are manufactured in Guilford, Maine by American workers.
Posted: 2016-03-11

Listeria Strains Are Not One and the Same

Dr. Paul Gibbs Leatherhead Food Research/emeritus New research shows that some strains of L.monocytogenes are more likely to cause infection than others and certain types more likely to persist within food environments than others. So where should we target our efforts and why?
Posted: 2016-03-11

Sartorius Stedim BioOutsource Passes FDA GMP Inspection

Sartorius Stedim BioOutsource contract testing facility in Glasgow successfully passes FDA GMP inspection.
Posted: 2016-03-08

Agilent Invests in Lasergen to Develop Routine NGS for Routine Clinical Use

Collaboration will develop faster, more accurate and cheaper genome sequencing than other currently available technologies.
Posted: 2016-03-08

Market Report - E.coli Testing Expected to be $222 Million by 2020

Market report on E.coli testing suggests growth will be due to introduction of new technologies, with over 50% of tests being done in North America.
Posted: 2016-03-08

Next Generation Serological Pipettor

PIPETBOY acu 2 Using the latest technology, the PIPETBOY acu 2 is now lighter and faster, reducing work time whilst improving ergonomic experience - suitable for all commercially available glass and plastic serological pipettes.
Posted: 2016-03-07

Assess Alicyclobacillus Contamination in 2 to 3 h with GeneDisc® Method

Detect, Count and Identify Alicyclobacillus Fast Using the new GeneDisc technology application, ingredient and beverage producers can assess contamination level for Alicyclobacillus spp. and the four main Alicyclobacillus spoiler strains within 2 to 3 hours.
Posted: 2016-03-03

Award Winning Brewery Uses Hygiena SystemSURE Plus Rapid Hygiene Test

Rapid Hygiene Test for Brewing Industry By instantly validating cleaning prcedures, the SystemSure Plus can help wine and beer processors such as Langham Brewery achieve safe, good quality product for every batch.
Posted: 2016-03-02

New from Puritan! Opti-Tranz™ and Opti-Tranz Plus Collection & Transport Systems

New Range of Collection and Transport Swabs from Puritan You asked for it. We made it. (And we made it better). Introducing Opti-Tranz™ and Opti-Tranz Plus™– Puritan’s brand new line of traditional liquid and semi solid collection and transport systems for bacteriological applications.
Posted: 2016-03-02

BaxApp Allows Whole Team Mobile Access to BAX® System Results

Mobile_app_BAX_X5_Results The BaxApp allows results from the DuPont™ BAX® System, an automated, PCR-based food pathogen detection platform to be accessed remotely on mobile devices by technicians, lab managers and customer support teams.
Posted: 2016-03-01

New Clinical Lab Services for Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections

Immunetics, Inc., have launched its new MycoDx™ assay for invasive fungal infections, which will be offered through its clinical reference laboratory service in the US. MycoDx™ is a multiplex molecular assay developed by Immunetics that can
Posted: 2016-03-01

Serological Anti-Zika Virus Test Kits Available in US from Thermo

Serological detection kits for Zika virus research are now available in the USA via Fisher Healthcare.
Posted: 2016-03-01

CE Approval for Atlas Genetics POC Chlamydia Test

Robust, simple to use cartridge can be used at point of care and is designed to be CLIA waived, the io™ can deliver results in 30 mins.
Posted: 2016-03-01

Are you an Expert in Microbiology? The AOAC-RI Wants You!

The AOAC Research Institute is currently seeking experts in several areas to participate as Subject Matter Experts and on the Expert Review Panels (ERPs) to evaluate candidate methods for both the Harmonized Validation for Performance Tested
Posted: 2016-03-01

Black 96-well Storage Plate for Light Sensitive Samples

Light sensitive assays and samples can be protected from exposure to light, even over long-term storage periods by Porvair's black deep 1ml. 96-well plates.
Posted: 2016-03-01

New Edition of CDC Handbook on Cleaning and Disinfection of Cleanrooms

Edited by Tim Sandle, this is an updated guide to the cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms, containing revised information on biocidal products regulations, an expansion on the types of disinfectants and their validation requirements, and greater detail on contamination control.
Posted: 2016-03-01

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