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Sudden Death of Microbiology Expert Scott Sutton

We are saddened to learn of the death last week of Scott Sutton, a leading expert in the theory and practice of microbiology within the pharmaceutical industry. Scott was a fountain of knowledge which he readily shared, a great communicator and
Posted: 2015-10-27

Döhler’s Ready-to-use Wort-Agar for Easy Yeast and Mould Detection

Wort-Agar Specially for testing beverages for yeast and moulds, Döhler's ready-to-use Wort-Agar is quality controlled for you, simply melt it and you're done.
Posted: 2015-10-27

High Throughput Aflatoxin Testing with Water Based Extraction

Neogen’s new Veratox® for Total Aflatoxin can deliver precise results ranging from 5 to 300 parts per billion (ppb) of aflatoxin after only 10 minutes using water based extraction and an ELISA microwell test.
Posted: 2015-10-27

COPAN FLOQSwabs™ Go a Little Batty!

Hendra Virus in Bats A recent study of Hendra virus in bats showed COPAN FLOQSwabs™ are versatile collection and transport tools that produce better results by generating quantitative samples for multiple applications.
Posted: 2015-10-26

Oxford Vaccine Group Improves Vaccine Potency Determination with Protocol 3

Using the ProtoCOL 3, an automated colony counter, the Oxford Vaccine Group can now count 300 SBA agar plates per day, as well as generate results on vaccine potency.
Posted: 2015-10-26

MOCON Enhances GreenLight® Rapid Microbial Detection System

Rapid Microbial Detection with Greenlight Now with extended shelf-life and wider storage temperature range, GreenLight® can provide results at very low bacterial loads in less than 24 hours.
Posted: 2015-10-26

BIOTRAK® Real-Time Viable Counter for Better Efficiency, Quality & Cost Reduction

Real-Time Viable Particle Counter The TSI BioTrak® provides real-time viable particle counts which can be used for non-compliance applications such as root cause analysis and operator training.
Posted: 2015-10-26

Puritan Further Vindicated as Copan Loses Again in German Patent Proceedings

Puritan Flocked Swabs This decision reinforces that Puritan and their customers are free to sell Puritan’s flocked swabs in Europe without interference from Copan’s European patent or expired utility models.
Posted: 2015-10-21

Allergen Management with FLASH® Rapid Protein Detection Test

Detect protein residue (20 µg when tested at room temperature; 3 µg in high temperature incubation) on product contact surfaces quickly and easily with FLASH® Rapid Protein Detection Test.
Posted: 2015-10-21

Microbiologics Enhances Environmental Isolate Management Services

Ready to use environmental isolates Have your environmental isolates professionally characterized, preserved and manufactured in a convenient, ready-to-use format for media growth promotion, disinfectant efficacy and antimicrobial effectiveness challenge testing.
Posted: 2015-10-21

Market for Microbiology Culture Media Forecast to Expand

In a new report on the Microbiology Culture Media Market it was indicated that currently worth US$4.51 bn in 2014 it's expected to reach US$7.59 bn by 2023, a CAGR of 5.9%.
Posted: 2015-10-20

BIOHIT ELISA GastroPanel Test for Stomach Health Includes 4 Biomarkers

Using a blood sample the GastroPanel detects four indicators of stomach health - biomarkers (pepsinogen I and II, gastrin-17,Helicobacter pylori IgG antibody).
Posted: 2015-10-20

PDA's Annual Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology Celebrates 10 Years

The annual PDA conference on pharmaceutical microbiology celebrates it's 10th successful year, next years meeting will be on 24 to 26 Oct in Washington, DC.
Posted: 2015-10-20

PDA Europe Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology - Call for Papers

European PDA is now accepting papers and posters for their 2016 conference on pharmaceutical microbiology in Berlin, Germany on 23 - 24 February.
Posted: 2015-10-20

CE Marked Panel Detects 21 Respiratory Pathogens

Simultaneously detect 21 bacterial and viral respiratory pathogens in a single closed tube system that scales to accommodate changes in throughput.
Posted: 2015-10-20

Shiga Toxin Direct Test Submitted to FDA

The Shiga Toxin Direct Test from Great Basin will be the only stand-alone molecular test to provide CDC recommended identification of E.coli O157 in conjunction with Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) detection .
Posted: 2015-10-20

Will this Year’s Flu Vaccine Perform as Expected?

MWE Virocult It's not possible to predict what the 2015/2016 flu season will bring about but one thing is for sure – Medical Wire’s range of Viral Transport devices will be available to meet any demands.
Posted: 2015-10-20

Detection of Biodefense Pathogens Market to Grow by 8%

The US market for identifying biodefense pathogens is estimated to grow at 8% CAGR from 2016 to 2021.
Posted: 2015-10-20

Growth Direct™ System Sterility Testing Application for Pharma QC

Automated rapid microbial testing The Growth Direct™ System automates the incubation, detection, and reporting steps for pharmaceutical QC laboratories, The sterility test mirrors the compendial method, supporting both aerobic and anaerobic test conditions.
Posted: 2015-10-19

New Versatile Biological Sample Mailing Packs

Alpha Labs A UN3373 compliant and flexible solution for transporting all types of laboratory sample containers by road transport and post.
Posted: 2015-10-19

Are you Using the Best ATP Hygiene Monitoring System?

Recent study evaluated the effect of time and temperature on the accuracy and repeatability of seven different systems.
Posted: 2015-10-13

Positive Trial Results for DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System

The Beckman Coulter DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System allows true random access with little manual intervention delivering improved lab workflow and better sample turnaround times.
Posted: 2015-10-13

Firefly Dx Optics Can Deliver Quantitative and Qualitative PCR Results

Designed to give real-time accurate diagnostic results in less than 20 minutes from a handheld device PositiveID's Firefly Dx can also be used to indicate how much pathogen is present.
Posted: 2015-10-13

Pipetting Techniques to Improve Serial Dilution Assays

INTEGRA has published a new white paper that discusses how observing good pipetting practice helps to achieve better results in serial dilution assays.
Posted: 2015-10-13

Intertek Launches Expert Campylobacter Testing Lab for UK Poultry Industry

Campylobacter - contract testing laboratory offers poultry industry expert testing facility.
Posted: 2015-10-13

Experience Easier Sterility Testing with New Steritest Symbio Pump

Merck Steritest Steritest™ Symbio sterility testing pumps for membrane filtration are specially designed for easy use in laminar flow cabinet, clean room or isolator. Merck Millipore service experts ensure compliance with installation & training, validation etc.
Posted: 2015-10-13

Polypropylene Sample Storage Tubes Shown to be Extractables-free

Micronic polypropylene sample storage tubes have been demonstrated to be absent of extractable organic contaminants.
Posted: 2015-10-12

Blender for Large Composite Samples Highlighted at India Lab Expo

The Stomacher 4500 laboratory blender is suited for homogenising large composite samples of 375g for microbiological testing of foods according to BAM.
Posted: 2015-10-12

UniTranz-RT™ Validated for Viral Sample Storage at Room Temperature

Store viral samples for 72 hours Study confirms the performance of UniTranz-RT™ as a microbial transport medium and established equal performance when compared with a similar commercial device.
Posted: 2015-10-12

New Helix Elite Molecular Mycoplasma Controls Feature at PDA Conference

Helix Elite™ Dried, stabilized and quantitated nucleic acid extract for use as a positive control for the amplification and detection steps in molecular assays for mycoplasma.
Posted: 2015-10-12

NCIMB Launches Same-day Microbial ID Service

NCIMB A new dedicated microbiology and DNA extraction lab means NCIMB can now offer a same-day molecular based microbial identification service.
Posted: 2015-10-09

Sample6 iOS App Allows Test Data Access from Anywhere

Sample6 is an enrichment-free, on-site, in-shift platform for Listeria testing in food and environmentals.
Posted: 2015-10-06

Brewers QCheck™ Kit – Simple, Complete and Reliable QC in Breweries

Brewers QCheck™ The Brewers QCheck™ Kit , an all-in-one solution for the detection of spoilage microorganisms in micro- and craft breweries.
Posted: 2015-10-06

PathSensors Wins Grant for Plant Pathogen Testing System

PathSensors, Inc. will be developing a high throughput testing platform for easy, fast identification of plant pathogens.
Posted: 2015-10-06

Report Indicates Global Clinical Microbial Testing Market CAGR of 6.4%

Market research report on global microbial testing market indicates a CAGR of 6.4 percent from 2015-2019.
Posted: 2015-10-06

Wako Bacterial Endotoxin Reagents and Products at PDA Meeting

Wako LAL reagents and supplies Wako Chemicals to exhibit their exclusive line of endotoxin specific reagents and accessories at the PDA 10th Pharmaceutical Microbiology conference.
Posted: 2015-10-02

Momentum Bioscience’s New R&D Facility Opened by David Cameron

Professor Woodford (PHE), Mr Cameron, William Mullen (CEO) Momentum's CE marked Cognitor® Minus gives a rapid result on negative blood specimens from suspected sepsis patients.
Posted: 2015-10-01

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