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Adenovirus, E. histolytica and V. cholerae Added to xTAG® Panel

xTAG® Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel is a comprehensive syndromic panel testing for more than 90% of bacterial, viral, and parasitic causes of infectious gastroenteritis in a single molecular test.
Posted: 2014-09-30

Compact Dry ETC for Enterococci in Water Receives NordVal Cert.

Compact Dry ETC for enumeration of Enterococcus in water intended for human consumption has received NordVal certification as being equivalent to the ISO 7899-2:2000 method.
Posted: 2014-09-30

Food Safety Summit Outbreak Most Likely C. perfringens

Clostridium perfringens is thought to be the most likely cause of a food poisoning outbreak at the Food Safety Summit 2014, a buffet dish of chicken masala may have been held at too low a temperature.
Posted: 2014-09-29

New Arrow™ Cell Separation and Molecular Extraction Products

Arrow™ Instrument for the automated isolation of up to three cell types directly from whole blood or buffy coat, was among the new developments revealed to distributors at the Annual DiaSorin Molecular Distributor Meeting.
Posted: 2014-09-29

Cherwell Now Offers Range of Decontamination Products for Cleanrooms

Cherwell Laboratories now offers the Mar Cor Purification range of dry fog technology and cold sterilant products suitable for decontamination of pharmaceutical cleanrooms and other critical areas.
Posted: 2014-09-29

Detection of Five Candida sp. Direct from Blood

FDA approves the first direct blood test for detection of five yeast pathogens that cause bloodstream infections: Candida albicans and/or Candida tropicalis, Candida parapsilosis, Candida glabrata and/or Candida krusei.
Posted: 2014-09-26

Prize Competition Promotes Innovation in Food Pathogen Detection

FDA competition is most interested in concepts that explore the acceleration or elimination of sample preparation and/or enrichment in the testing process, and/or those that employ novel or revolutionary techniques to achieve pathogen detection.
Posted: 2014-09-26

Microbank® - the Proven Culture Storage System

Microbank® Culture Storage Microbank is the original culture storage system with a well proven track record of efficient storage and retrieval of bacterial (including fastidious and anaerobic) and fungal cultures, currently used in microbiology labs worldwide including many reference culture collections.
Posted: 2014-09-25

Testing Culture Media in Pharmaceutical QC Labs

To ensure the quality of culture media, ATCC offers a number of ATCC Genuine Cultures® recommended by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for use in media testing.
Posted: 2014-09-25

Endotoxin Expert, Kevin Williams Joins Lonza Pharma&Biotech

Kevin Williams, Lonza Endotoxin expert, Kevin Williams has joined the Lonza Bioscience Solutions team of scientists and research associates working on the next generation of endotoxin and microbial detection products.
Posted: 2014-09-24

Seward Gains ISO14001 for Environmental Management

Seward is now recycling 85% of all its plastic, paper and cardboard material waste from production of stomacher bags and looking to collaborate to reduce environmental impact of laboratory testing.
Posted: 2014-09-23

chromID® Salmonella Elite, Earlier Detection for Stool Samples

New chromogenic medium for Salmonella screening of stool samples bioMérieux's chromID® Salmonella Elite gives earlier detection and recovery including lactose positive Salmonella with high selectivity and specificity.
Posted: 2014-09-23

Making Better Decisions in the Automated Microbiology Lab - Ireland

Rapid Micro Biosystems Join industry experts from Rapid Micro Biosystems and Lonza for a one-day workshop that focuses on the role of technology in the microbial QC lab.
Posted: 2014-09-23

Water-Based Total Aflatoxin Rapid Test USDA-GIPSA Approved

Romer Labs Romer Labs® new AgraStrip® Total Aflatoxin Quantitative WATEX is solvent free, limit of detection is 3ppb and a total time-to-result of 8 minutes including extraction, now USDA-GIPSA approved.
Posted: 2014-09-23

Amplidiag™ Bacterial GE qPCR for 8 Gastroenteritis Bacteria

Screen for bacterial gastroenteritis, single qPCR assay detects Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella/EIEC, Yersinia, EHEC, EPEC, EAEC and ETEC from DNA extracted from a stool sample.
Posted: 2014-09-23

Multiplex Vertical Flow Tests Include Syphilis, HIV and Hep C

Using rapid, vertical flow technology the multiplex tests deliver instant, simultaneous results for Syphilis, HIV, and Hepatitis C in three distinct combinations.
Posted: 2014-09-23

Consider an Alternative to Your Existing Media Supply

Ready-to-use media Pre-poured culture media for every microbiology lab, Southern Group Laboratories supply ready-to-use liquid and agar plates for pharmaceutical, food and clinical labs.
Posted: 2014-09-23

Merck KGaA Buys Sigma-Aldrich for $17 Billion

The acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich by Merck KGaA will create a combined company able to deliver more than 300,000 products for the life science industry. Merck KGaA plans to maintain significant presence in St. Louis, MO, and Billerica, MA
Posted: 2014-09-22

Bigger Capacity Benchtop Autoclave Meets Customer Wish List

Priorclave Ideal autoclave for labs with limited space and infrequent sterilisation needs, the Priorclave H60 with a horizontal 60 litre capacity is suited for a wide range of applications such as media prep, lab waste, liquids and diluents, glassware and apparatus.
Posted: 2014-09-22

New Alpha Laboratories Catalogue – Over 1,000 New Products

Alpha Laboratories new catalogue includes an extended range of lab and clinical consumables, available to download or you can receive a hardcopy by post.
Posted: 2014-09-22

3M Molecular Detection Assay Listeria monocytogenes Earns AOAC PTM Approval

3M AOAC® Performance Tested Methods program (Certification #051401) certifies that the test kit is now considered equivalent or better than standard reference methods for select food matrices by the international organization.
Posted: 2014-09-22

Diatherix Enterovirus Group Assay Detects EV-D68

Enterovirus D68 is detected within the Diatherix Enterovirus group assay included in multiple PCR Panels: Pediatric Respiratory, Pharyngitis, Respiratory Infection, Viral Respiratory.
Posted: 2014-09-16

ASM Issues Lab Guidelines for Handling Suspected Hemorrhagic Fever Virus

After consultation with CDC Personnel, the PSAB Committee on Laboratory Practices has revised the “Interim Laboratory Guidelines for Handling/Testing Specimens from Cases or
Posted: 2014-09-15

Mérieux NutriSciences Acquires Sino Analytica

Mérieux NutriSciences scientific service offers service for food safety testing has now improved it's service for food safety and chemistry innovation in China.
Posted: 2014-09-15

Meridian to Offer illumigene® Tests to Premier Hospitals

Using LAMP technology, illumigene is a simple test for C. difficile, Group B Streptococcus, Group A Streptococcus, Bordetella pertussis, and Mycoplasma pneumonia giving results in under an hour.
Posted: 2014-09-15

IRIDICA Identifies Directly from Specimen in 8 Hours

Abbott's pathogen identification technology (previously called Plex-ID) is based on PCR and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry can give an identification even when lab blood cultures are negative.
Posted: 2014-09-15

Searches Reveal More 'Lost' Pathogens and Toxins

Further discoveries in government facilities, the pathogens found include smallpox, Yersinia pestis, Burkholderia pseudomallei as well as toxins - staphylococcal enterotoxin, botulinum toxin and ricin.
Posted: 2014-09-09

Particle Measuring Systems Appoints Scandinavian Distributor

Microbial sampling, particle counting and data integration in aseptic manufacturing environments, six new innovations from Particle Measuring Systems now available in Scandinavia from Miclev AB.
Posted: 2014-09-09

Meat Speciation Testing Gains UKAS Accreditation

Geneius laboratory provides an UKAS accredited meat speciation test, suitable for difficult matrices with high fat content or highly processed foods.
Posted: 2014-09-09

foodproof® Range Extended to Food Allergen Detection

Biotecon Diagnostics Food allergen detection from BIOTECON includes Celery, Peanut, Hazelnut, Soya, Gluten Detection - using quantitative real-time PCR, suitable for most food types, run on standard PCR instruments.
Posted: 2014-09-08

Campylobacter Chicken Survey - Retailers to be Named and Shamed

Campylobacter survey on chickens by the UK Food Standards Agency will in future name retailers, alongside campylobacter levels, when it releases its next set of results in November 2104.
Posted: 2014-09-08

ATCC Strains Supporting Guidance for Industry

For FDA medical device premarket submissions, ATCC can provide fully authenticated and well-described microbial strains and nucleic acids recommended by guidance for industry.
Posted: 2014-09-08

Silliker Implements RIDASCREEN® for Gluten Analysis

RIDASCREEN® is a quantitative ELISA for the presence of the R5 monoclonal antibody as recommended by Codex Alimentarius. AOAC RI approved, RIDASCREEN® is widely accredited for the quantitation of gluten prolamins in food.
Posted: 2014-09-04

Detection and Differentiation of Flu A, Flu B, and RSV

Simple to perform, Xpert Flu/RSV XC is a highly multiplexed, state-of-the-art test for rapid and accurate detection and differentiation of Flu A, Flu B, and RSV infection.
Posted: 2014-09-03

Ambient Temperature Specimen Transport System

Easy transport of biological specimens at ambient temperature with the ViveST specimen transport system for carrying whole blood, plasma, nucleic acid (DNA & RNA) viral/bacterial cultures and urine transport without using dry ice.
Posted: 2014-09-03

Soft Ripened Cheese Recall Due to Staph Toxin

Recent Canadian recall of soft ripened cheese in Canada due to Staphylococcal Enterotoxin. Find detection kits for Staph toxin in foods.
Posted: 2014-09-02

Microbiological Safety of Nuts and Seeds: New Guidance from Campden BRI

There have been a number of food safety incidents in recent years involving pathogens such as Salmonella, which have been found on low moisture foods such as nuts and seeds. Campden BRI Guideline 73 provides advice on the problem.
Posted: 2014-09-02

New CLSI Standard for Detection of Anaerobes in Clinical Labs

M56-A provides guidance for culture of anaerobic bacteria - collecting proper specimens, transport procedures, color photographs of Gram stain reactions and colonial morphology, easy-to-follow identification tables, and in-depth explanations of new technology.
Posted: 2014-09-02

ATCC Reporter-Labeled Strains

ATCC has developed a vector to express green fluorescent protein (GFP) in Gram-negative bacterial strains for use in imaging studies, host-pathogen interactions, QC and FACS
Posted: 2014-09-02

Summer Issue of Lab M’s Min-e-Cat Now Available

Lab M Lab M newsletter highlights the recent introduction of two new product ranges, Pinnacle™ pre-poured plates and the µPrep™ line of bagged, ready-to-reconstitute media.
Posted: 2014-09-02

ORGENTEC acquires Corgenix

The acquisition of Corgenix is Orgentec’s first significant step toward expanding its position in the global specialty diagnostics market since partnering with Water Street Healthcare Partners
Posted: 2014-09-02

Industrial Microbiology to Reach 2 Billion Tests in 2014

New market report on industrial (food, beverage, pharmaceutical etc. ) microbiology worldwide shows testing volume will reach 2 billion in 2014, based on primary research with more than 650 production facilities in 23 countries in North America, Europe and Asia, including China and India.
Posted: 2014-09-02

Hand-Held Molecular Diagnostic Test for Group A Strep

Quidel's AmpliVue platform lets laboratories of all sizes perform highly sensitive and specific molecular tests for C. difficile, Group A Strep, Group B Strep, HSV1 and HSV2.
Posted: 2014-09-01

Water Extracted Aflatoxin Test Gets USDA-GIPSA Approval

Charm's ROSA WET-S5 Aflatoxin Quantitative Test (AFQ-WETS5) is a quantitative test for the detection of 5 to 100 ppb aflatoxin in a single 5 minute assay without the need for ethanol or methanol extraction.
Posted: 2014-09-01

For Better Results Tomorrow, Choose Medical Wire Today

MWE Microloops Inoculating loop range from Medical Wire includes Microloops® Plastic in three volumetric sizes, Microloops® Nichrome 5 in six volumetric sizes, calibrated Nichrome 5 or Platinum Microloops®
Posted: 2014-09-01
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