rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 11th February 2020.
Can two people work safely in a BSC
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Hygiene Monitoring: Are You Getting The Most From Your System?
Hygiene monitoring is an essential part of any food production process. With so many testing options available on the market how can you be sure you are getting the most from your system? Register to attend our webinar today!
New SAS Tri-Clover Isolator Head for Microbial Air Sampler from Cherwell Laboratories
The new SAS Tri-Clover Isolator Head for Microbial Air Sampler available from Cherwell Laboratories allows easier installation within restricted-access barrier systems (RABs) and filling lines for environmental monitoring in grade A environments.  more... 
BIOTECON Diagnostics Launches NEW foodproof<sup>&reg;</sup> Beer Screening 2 LyoKit&nbsp;
The foodproof Beer Screening 2 LyoKit is a user-friendly lyophilized real-time PCR test for simultaneous detection of 30+ beer spoilage organisms that also differentiates between some of the worst spoilers.  more... 
Ultra-Rapid Microbial Testing Solutions Using Flow Cytometry for Industrial Quality Control.
Metis solution is a rapid method for microbiological testing using flow cytometry for quality control in food and cosmetic industries. We enable you to release your product faster with maximum reliability and decrease up to 20% of your storage area.   more... 
Not Just Any Sponge on a Stick!
TSC new and improved Envirostik is perfect for sampling larger surfaces in a wide and varied range of environments including food production areas, clinical and veterinary infection control and pharmaceutical and cosmetics facilities.  more... 
Smarter Monitoring from Hygiena
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PyroGene recombinant Factor C method

Recombinant endotoxin detection technologies, like the PyroGene recombinant Factor C method, are quickly gaining consideration and approval as a compendial endotoxin test method, equivalent to LAL-based methods by several global regulatory authorities. Now is the time to start validating a recombinant, sustainable endotoxin test method for your QC lab. Learn more about the regulatory landscape for non-LAL based endotoxin detection methods, like rFC, and how Lonza is helping to protect a natural resource and offer a reliable endotoxin test.


  • Animal-free, sustainable
  • Endotoxin-specific
  • Equivalent to LAL-based methods

Ready to consider adopting PyroGene rFC in your lab? We make it easy for you.

New and Emerging Methods in Microbiology
Learn about a range of topical issues including identification and confirmation methods, unique rapid testing solutions, and how to implement an alternative method in your facility. On the day you will be able to meet and share knowledge with our range of internal and external speakers.
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Microbiome and Probiotics R&amp;D and Business Collaboration Forum
Join 300+ delegates at the Microbiome and Probiotics R&D and Business Collaboration Forum.

Learn about the latest discoveries and novel research and development trends from the world’s leading microbiome & probiotic researchers working in industry and leading universities.

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