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SureTect Real-Time PCR System for Food Pathogen Detection

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Built on proven PCR technology and backed by world-class service and support, the Thermo Scientific SureTect Real-Time PCR System is designed to quickly and accurately detect microorganisms in a broad range of foods and associated samples. This unique solution combines speed and performance in an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform----giving you results you can be sure about. For more information, visit

  • Pre-filled lysis tubes and tableted PCR reagents minimize the number of pipetting steps and hands-on time,
  • Optimized single enrichment step for key food matrices and straightforward sample lysis in less than 20 minutes,
  • Common PCR protocols facilitate efficient processing of multiple assays in the same run, Probe-based real-time assays for unparallel sensitivity and specificity

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