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RiboFlow® - Cronobacter

Riboflow Cronobacter
Manufacturer: SY-LAB Geraete GmbH

Principle: Molecular hybridisation in vertical flow strip

Automation: No


Suitability: single or low test volumes of food pathogens

Capital equipment required: No


The RiboFlow® - Cronobacter molecular flow detection system signals Cronobacter contamination on-site, early, quickly, and reliably reducing the need for sophisticated amplification techniques and costly equipment. Using an award winning molecular hybridisation technolgy biomolecular testing can be performed within 25 minutes.

Key Points:
  • Genetic test system: Highly specific ribosomal RNA detection -no amplification reactions necessary.
  • Confirmed results available within 48 hrs.
  • Can also be used to test and confirm single colonies directly from (selective) agar plates
  • Combined protocol for the use with BacTrac impedance analyzers available
  • Simple to perform protocol, clear and easy to interpret
  • No expensive instrumentation necessary
  • Single tests can be performed
  • Stable reagents with long product shelflife at ambient temperature
Manufacture details:

SY-LAB Geraete GmbH




Tel: +[43] 2231 62252-0

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