Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

ReadyRack - Ready to Use Tubes of TSB or Fluid Thioglycollate

Manufacturer: Hardy Diagnostics

Principle: To create an easy way to transport tube media into a clean room while helping reduce particulate contamination

Automation: No


Suitability: Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology, larger labs

Capital equipment required: No


ReadyRack is a convenient way to bring media into a controlled area, while avoiding outside contamination. The ReadyRack comes pre-filled with 80 tubes of Tryptic Soy Broth or Fluid Thioglycollate medium. No cardboard touches the ReadyRack ensuring low particle counts. You can spray down the entire ReadyRack with isopropyl alcohol. Convenient Holes in the bottom of the ReadyRack, allow sterilant to drain.

Key Points:
  • ReadyRack is a convenient and clean room conscious method for transporting TSB or Thioglycollate media.
  • Multiple packaging stages allow for clean room unpackaging and preparation.
  • Entire rack with media contained can be sprayed down with isopropyl alcohol and allow to drain through holes and dry.
  • Tubes can be easily inoculated within the ReadyRack.
  • Needle port septum caps available upon request.
Manufacture details:

Hardy Diagnostics

Santa Maria


Tel: 800-266-2222 (US callers)/+[1] 805-346-2766

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