Oculer® Yeast & Mould Assay; GreenLight 15.0 mL APCheck™ Sensor Vials

GreenLight Sensor Vials

Principle: Automated Rapid Growth Assay based on Oxygen depletion measured using Greenlight Technology

Automation: Yes

Approvals: Microval and AOAC applied for

Suitability: Suitable for a wide range of applications but ideally suited for food testing for Yeasts and Moulds contamination

Capital equipment required: Yes


Vials are pre-filled with Ocumedia® microbial growth formulation. 15.0 ml, Vials; packaged and gamma-irradiated for sterility; 1 box Sequentially numbered and barcoded for traceability – QTY 50/box.

Key Points:
  • Pre-filled vials
  • Gamma Irradiated
  • Greenlight sensor included
  • Product Code OC-Y&M-003
  • Results within 48 hrs incubation
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