Oculer Rapid Microbiology Method

Oculer microbiological assay technology

Principle: Greenlight technology utilising oxygen depletion sensor

Automation: Yes

Approvals: Microval and AOAC applied for

Suitability: Food especially dairy and beverages. PCP. All aerobic bacteria including Yeasts and Moulds. Commercial Sterility Testing

Capital equipment required: Yes


Oculer RMM consists of an Oculer 930 Series Reader and proprietary OcuSoft Software. Samples are inoculated into special AP-Check Vials containing special Gamma Irradiated proprietary media and Oxygen Depletion Sensor. Reduction in the level of oxygen caused by bacterial growth in the AP-Check Vials is continuously monitored by sensitive LEDs. The resulting luminescence is measured providing accurate real-time data and early detection of microorganisms’ growth. Yeasts & Moulds can be detected within 48 hrs incubation.

Key Points:
  • Greenlight Technology
  • Fully automated Rapid System for aerobic microorganisms including Yeasts and Moulds
  • Both qualitative and quantitative results
  • Enables early release of product being tested on a positive release basis.
  • TVC, Yeasts and Moulds, Coliform, Gram Positive, Gram Negative.
  • Commercial Sterility Testing
  • Surface Environmental Monitoring


    Food & Beverage
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