MAS-100 CG Ex

MBV MAS-100 CG Ex viable air sampler

Principle: Viable air sampler based on mass flow measurement

Automation: Yes

Approvals: Meets ISO 14698-1 and EN 17141

Suitability: Microbial air monitoring

Capital equipment required: Nutrient plate


The MAS-100 CG Ex air sampler is used to determine the microbiological contamination of compressed air and gases. The impaction takes place under pressure on the culture medium plate. The sampling, therefore, corresponds exactly to the conditions to which microorganisms in compressed gas systems are exposed. This minimizes possible growth impairments of the microorganisms due to shear forces and rapid temperature changes during the decompression of the compressed gas. The instrument is easy to operate, mobile, and is powered by an integrated battery.

Key Points:
  • Dedicated instrument for microbial collection in compressed gases according to ISO 8573-7, ISO 14698, and EN 17141
  • Sampling tube can be connected directly to the compressed gas line without additional valves
  • Integrated pressure and air mass flow control
  • Same physical deposition diameter D50 of 1.1µm at 100L/min as the standard MAS-100 air sampler
  • Preprogrammed gases: Air, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide
  • Compatible with different 90mm nutrient plates
  • Automatic and controlled decompression after the collection process without abrupt pressure changes maintains the ability of the germs to divide


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