Listeria Testing Kits

Listeria Testing Kit

Principle: Real-time PCR or ELISA protein assay

Automation: Yes

Approvals: The majority of Eurofins Genescan Technologies Listeria kits are certified by internationally recognized organizations such as AFNOR and AOAC.

Suitability: Low to high throughput food, feed and environmental pathogen detection

Capital equipment required: Yes


The fast and reliable detection of the foodborne pathogen Listeria is essential for protecting the health of customers. Eurofins GeneScan Technologies offers both real-time PCR (BACGene Listeria) and ELISA (BACSpec Listeria) kits for both Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria spp. as well as a real-time PCR multiplex kit for the efficient parallel detection of both types in a variety of raw and processed food, feed (including pet food) and environmental samples.

Key Points:

Real-time PCR (BACGene)

  • Substantially faster results than the classical detection method
  • Reliable and sensitive detection
  • Flexible kit design allows for testing of low to high throughput sample volumes
  • Includes:
    • Evaluation software for easy evaluation and documentation of results
    • IPC (internal positive control) for amplification control
  • Validated for Agilent AriaMx and Bio-Rad CFX96 TouchTM and TouchTM Deep Well cyclers


  • 48h analysis
  • Very simple handling
  • Small footprint of laboratory equipment
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