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InSite - Fast Food Pathogen Detection

Manufacturer: Hygiena International

Principle: Selective chromogenic media


Approvals: InSite Salmonella and InSite Listeria broth is AOAC approved

Suitability: Surface environmental monitoring

Capital equipment required: Incubator


InSite is a self-contained, reagent swab device for the detection of pathogens in environmental samples. Each device contains a chromogenic liquid media formulated with antibiotics, growth enhancers, and colour changing compounds.

The devices consist of pre-enrichment media and neutralisers on the swab and selective enrichment in the separate bulb. Specific version for Listeria and Salmonella give presumptive positive results in ~30 hours.

Key Points:
  • Tests Available:
    • InSite Listeria spp.
    • InSite Salmonella
  • Large swab bud to enhance sample collection
  • Simple test procedure
  • Easy to interpret colour change results
  • Presumptive positive results in 24 – 30 hours
  • Negative results provided in 48 hours
  • Self-contained tube reduces risk of cross contamination
Manufacture details:

Hygiena International Ltd


United Kingdom


Tel: +[44] 1923 818821

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