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GeneDisc® Technologies for Legionella Detection and Quantification

PALL GeneDisc Legionella
[Image courtesy of Pall Corporation]
Manufacturer: Pall Corporation

Principle: q PCR

Automation: Semi-automated

Approvals: NF Validation

Suitability: Small to high throughput laboratories

Capital equipment required: Yes


Pall’s GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System enables quantification of Legionella within 3 hours for any type of water sample (potable water, cooling tower, sludge). Rapid and reliable results enable infection control experts, shower water, hospital water and water network managers to make quick and effective decisions on appropriate water disinfection measures.

Mapping water system networks with the GeneDisc system identifies and targets contaminated pipework and water points. Monitoring these critical points within a 3 hour turnaround time allows real time Legionella risk management, rapid maintenance actions, and minimizes the risk for patients and public environment. Real-time PCR monitoring with the GeneDisc system reduces environmental burden and down-time costs.

Available applications include:

  • Identification of colonies on agar plates for Legionella spp and Legionella pneumophila simultaneously
  • Quantification of Legionella pneumophila in water samples
  • Quantification of Legionella spp in water samples
  • Simultaneous quantification of Legionella spp and Legionella pneumophila
  • Quantification tests are designed to comply with the AFNOR NF T90-471 and ISO /TS 12869 standard.

Key Points:
  • Real-time detection of contamination
  • Easy for routine use
  • Minimizes operator intervention
  • Automated read-out ensures fast decision making
  • Broad approach for Legionella risk assessment
  • Eliminates manual tracking and recording of test results
Manufacture details:

Pall Corporation

Port Washington


Tel: 1-866-905-7255 (Toll Free) for enquiries from within US/Canada

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