CellStream and Reagent Kits

Automated cell separation and purification instrument

Manufacturer: rqmicro AG

Principle: Combination of immunomagnetic separation, microfluidics and flow cytometry

Automation: YES

Approvals: Internal validation by users

Suitability: Middle throughput water labs with the focus on fast, quantitative results

Capital equipment required: YES

Description: The CellStream combined with the rqmicro reagent kits and microfluidic cartridges provides a complete solution for sample preparation. The instrument automatically purifies and isolates target cells, e.g. Legionella, by immunomagnetic separation and delivers ready-to-use samples for quantification with flow cytometry, plating on agar, or any other method of analysis of your choice.
Key Points:  Application
  • Immunomagnetic separation and purification of target cells from water and food samples
  • Delivery of ready-to-use samples for flow cytometry, PCR, plating, fluorescence microscopy, etc.
  • Automated immunomagnetic separation in 35 min
  • Preparation of up to 4 samples in parallel
  • Fast integration in standard lab workflows
  Easy handling
  • Automated and robust process
  • Low maintenance microfluidic cartridge system
  • Process control via touchscreen or smartphone app
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