rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 7 Nov 2017
Can you Demonstrate a Complete State of Control in your QC Lab?

Hygiena Expands Testing Portfolio to Cover Entire Contamination Detection Spectrum

Hygiena now covers the entire spectrum of reliable contamination detection, from sample collection to screening of indicator organisms to specific microbial characterisation.

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Training Portal on How to Clean and Disinfect Cleanrooms

Pharmig have introduced a new training portal with videos for personnel in pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical device sectors who are involved in the cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms.

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The Challenge of Detecting Foodborne Viruses

Martin D’Agostino, a food virologist at Campden BRI describes the difficulties laboratories face when trying to detect food borne viruses.

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World Antibiotic Awareness Week - Nov 13 - 19 2017

Real-time incubator and colony counter

This Weeks Featured Product

Complete solution for detection of food borne viruses

bioMérieux one stop complete Virus solution
our complete solution features:
  • Assistance in setting up your foodborne virus operation
  • Practical training for all ISO15216 and non-ISO matrices
  • mengovirus ISO recommended external process control
  • eGene-Up RNA/DNA virus extraction platform
  • NucliSENS lysis and wash buffers, silica beads as recommended in ISO
  • Gene-Up Real Time PCR open platform
  • ceeramTools reagents for detection & quantification of Norovirus GI/GII and Hepatitis A, Mengovirus (as well as Hep. E and other viral & parasitic pathogens)
  • Support and expertise

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North American Microbiome Congress - San Diego, USA


With a focus on 5 microbiome niches we invite you to join us for 3 days of intense learning, mind-sharing and networking opportunities designed to encourage meaningful connections.


Visit www.humanmicrobiomecongress.com



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