rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 6 March 2018

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Rapid Detection Methods for Salmonella in Foods

Dr. Suzanne Jordan, Molecular Methods Manager at Campden BRI discusses what rapid methods are available for detection and confirmation of Salmonella in foods.

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Salmonella Testing - Fast, Convenient and Accurate

Hygiena InSite™ is a complete self-contained Salmonella  test that gives presumptive positive result after activation and incubation. Ideal for food contact surfaces, processing equipment and general environmental samples.

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INTEGRA Offers Hands-free Multichannel Pipetting

From plate filling and reagent addition to serial dilutions, the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot eliminates the influence of human error and inter-operator variability on pipetting, leading to better reproducibility.

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Which Molecular Test Gives Fastest Time to Result for Salmonella?

If you were going to test 10,000 chickens for Salmonella, which molecular based system would give you the fastest result? This efficiency study compares iQ-Check®, BAX®, VIDAS® and 3M™ Molecular Detection Assay 2, includes sample prep, incubation and assay times.

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This Weeks Featured Product


Global Leaders Using biomérieux Solutions See 0% Recalls Over Last 3 Years
Rapid, Robust & Automated Solutions for Salmonella Detection in <24h!
GENE-UP®: Complete Validations for Salmonella Detection in Cocoa and Chocolate Products:
- Validated to AOAC RI and ISO16140 standards, for BPW or skimmed milk broth enrichment, using various sample sizes (up to 375g)
Large Sample Preparation Becomes Simple with Automation!
- Blue Line® XL range offering to ease & standardize your sample & media preparation (suitable for large sample size: 375g)
Save Up to 3 days for Decision Making on Yeasts & Molds
- Automated solution for quality indicators enumeration TEMPO® ensures consistent quality control under any circumstance

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